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The Ronin iPhone 5 Case Is Beautiful, But Costs As Much As The Phone It Protects [Review]

Element ronin iphone 5 6

Made from rare woods, leather, and nickel-plated aluminum, Element’s Ronin iPhone 5 case is definitely one of the most beautiful and finely crafted cases I’ve seen. But at $180, its price might be hard from some to swallow.

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Lazerwood Wooden Keycaps For Apple Keyboards

Lazerwood Keys xl

What could be classier than adding a few extra millimeters to the height of your keycaps whilst simultaneously collaborating in the death of a walnut or cherry tree? Nothing, that’s what. Which is why these Lazerwood keys for Apple keyboards are pretty much the best thing ever.

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GroovBoard, An iPad Lap-Desk. With Grooves In It

Situation: You own and iPad and a perfectly good full-sized Bluetooth keyboard.

Problem: You don’t always want to use them together on a desk. After all, the whole point of the iPad is its portability, right?

Solution: a GroovBoard. Literally, a plank of wood with grooves in it.

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Mu-Mu Cases Wrap iPhone 5 In Gorgeously-Crafted Wood

These gorgeous wooden iPhone 5 cases come from the U.K, and look like they’d cost you an absolute fortune. Amazingly, for something hand-crafted and exquisitely designed, they cost just £35, or $56. Sure, it ain’t cheap, but neither is it crazy.

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Wooden Plank Is A Surprisingly Functional iPhone Accessory


“Plank of wood” might be a lame sounding iPhone accessory, but tell that to a kid whose favorite toy is a “cardboard box” or an iPad owner whose favorite computer is a slab of glass with a metal back.

And the plank in question actually packs some pretty great features, ready to be accessed while it floats up there in front of your wall. That’s right. I said “floats.”

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Gorgeous Rosewood iPhone Cover Carries Credit Cards

Gorgeous Rosewood iPhone Cover Carries Credit Cards

This hot rosewood case might be enough to get me using credit cards.

Killspencer might sound like an order to murder somebody with a fancy name, but it is in fact just an innocent iPhone card-case made from Rosenkrantz*. No. Wait… I mean rosewood.

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Miniot’s Mk2 iPad Cover Evokes Mid-Century Chic, But Not Without Some Drawbacks [Review]

Miniot’s Mk2 iPad Cover Evokes Mid-Century Chic, But Not Without Some Drawbacks [Review]

Wood is the perfect complement to tech. As mere consumers, wood calms us whilst surrounding more complicated hardware. It provides warmth. It is accessible. And it looks brilliant.

I was an early adopter. The television I grew up with was a wood-blocked behemoth that took both parents to move across our jungle of shag carpet; a task embarked upon only once a year, when we needed to make room for a Christmas tree. Wood has received a wonderful resurgence in the design community of late, with some covet-worthy examples in this desk set and the Monolith iPhone back, lovingly reviewed in April on this very site.

You can imagine my delight, then, when Charlie Sorrel posted about the Miniot Cover Mark Two, or Mk2, this spring. Dissatisfied with most covers I’ve tried for the new iPad, I had to get my hands on the Mk2. And what a dapper little devil it turned out to be.

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The Best iPhone Cases & Protectors [Best Of]

Cases iphone the best

Ideally, we’d all carry our iPhones as God intended — naked. But just as our pink and delicate human bodies need protection from the elements, so does the iPhone. Sometimes all it needs is a skimpy Speedo, other times a full suit of body armor, but you can be sure there’s a case for every occasion. Here’s our roundup of the best iPhone cases out there.

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Miniot Mk2, The Bendy Wooden iPad Case, Now With Added Hinge

Miniot CoverM2

Roll up, roll up! See the magical wooden iPad case in action!

Apple’s Smart Cover is about as minimal as minimal gets, but recently mine has been getting a little slack — literally. Meanwhile, Miniot’s Mk2 wooden iPad cover looks like it may match Apple’s minimalism while actually working a lot better.

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Pad&Quill’s Moleskine-Style iPad Cases Keep Getting Better [Review]

Pad and quill contega octavo 5

The Contega adds some real flexibility to the bookbindery case design. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

In theory, there are two players in the bookbindery iPad case market: Pad&Quill and Dodocase. But that’s a little like saying that there are two players in the tablet market itself: iPad and (snicker) Android. Technically it’s true, but the difference in real life is huge.

Sure, Dodocase makes a nice lightweight case, but it is pretty much the same one it launched a couple years ago. Pad&Quill’s cases, on the other hand, have just gotten better, iteration by iteration. Just like Apple’s products.

The latest are the Contega and Octavo cases for the iPad 3, and they pack a surprising amount of tech into such a traditional design.

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