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Carbon Fiber iPods Will Bring Wi-Fi Syncing [Exclusive]

Carbon Fiber iPods Will Bring Wi-Fi Syncing [Exclusive]

Apple is prototyping iPods with carbon-fiber cases, like this wrap from Carbon:Era.

Steve Jobs is keen to bring wireless syncing to iPods this year, and carbon fiber may be the key.

Following the news that Apple has just hired a leading carbon fiber expert, we can reveal that the company has been testing Wi-Fi syncing in iPods for the past two years.

Getting large libraries of music and movies to synchronize wirelessly over WiFi hasn’t been easy, according to a source close to the company who asked to remain anonymous. But Steve Jobs himself sees it as key to updating the aging devices, which are becoming increasingly obsolete in the iPhone/iPad era.

“Jobs is pushing hard to get WiFi syncing into the next-generation of iPods,” says our source.

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