New wireless tech could allow iPhones to charge from across the room


This iPhone 7 concept has wireless charging, but the real thing (probably) won't.
You call this wireless charging?
Photo: Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac

Apple could incorporate some impressively cutting edge wireless charging tech into its future devices, claims a new report — and it’s got the perfect partner companies to work with.

According to Fast Company, Apple may draw on the wireless company Energous and chip maker Dialog to usher in technology that would allow users to charge their iOS devices from across the room, rather than using the kind of charging mats employed by rivals like Samsung.

iPhone 8’s glass design will finally bring wireless charging


This iPhone 7 concept has wireless charging, but the real thing (probably) won't.
Get ready for wireless charging!
Photo: Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac

The rumored decision to adopt a glass chassis for the next-generation iPhone is reportedly fueled by a desire to improve wireless charging, another key feature supposedly coming to Apple’s 2017 phone.

The report comes from notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims that all 2017-era iPhones will boast the long-awaited wireless charging tech.

Sleek power bank charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously


The ZENS Power Bank  for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
The ZENS Power Bank for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
Photo: ZENS

Our Apple devices are designed, in part, to make our lives easier. But the chargers they come with add a burden. Tangled cords and bulk become nuisance cargo in our bags and that’s if you don’t lose track of one of your chargers.

The Dutch company ZENS has prided itself for the last five years on cutting our cords and its latest wireless power bank offers an Apple MFi certified one-stop charging solution for the Apple Watch and the iPhone or iPad.

6 amazing features Apple must steal from the Galaxy Note 7


The Galaxy Note 7 is going to take some beating. Here's where Apple should start.
Galaxy Note 7 is going to take some beating. Here's where Apple should start.
Photo: Samsung

With gorgeous curved glass, stellar specifications and cutting-edge features, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 is raising the bar for smartphones.

Fans can’t wait to get their hands on the device, which makes its big U.S. debut today, and it’s easy to see why. Here are six features Apple needs to steal if it wants to compete with Samsung’s latest, greatest smartphone.

Magnetic iPhone mount keeps you charged anywhere [Reviews]


This iPhone mount makes sure you never run out of juice again.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

While the iPhone 7 is rumored to have wireless charging, those of us who upgraded to the 6s are stuck without until the 7 launches this fall.

Xvida is here to save the day with its new modular mounting system with QI charging, launched today on Kickstarter.

And of course, Cult of Mac is here to show you everything you need to know with a handy video. Check it out below.

5 ways the Galaxy S7 beats the iPhone 6s


Yup, water-resistance is one of them!
Photo: Samsung

As the iPhone’s biggest rivals, Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones have to be good enough to convince consumers that they’re a better buy. None do that better than the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

According to the overwhelmingly positive reviews published today, the duo have a number of big advantages over the iPhone 6s. Here are 7 of them.

iPhone’s perfect ports don’t make up for all the missing features


Galaxy S7 is pretty, powerful, and packing huge improvements.
Give me a Galaxy S7 over an iPhone 6s... please!
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is under fire again from iPhone fans for its apparent lack of attention to detail when designing the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Apparently, the fact that the ports don’t line up on the bottom of these devices automatically means they’re not as good as Apple’s.

But it’s total rubbish.

Why doesn’t the iPhone have wireless charging already?


Get a move on, Apple!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is finally working to bring wireless charging to iPhone, according to a recent report, but we’ll have to wait until 2017 to get it. Why? Because Apple doesn’t think the wireless charging standards we already have are good enough.

Friday-Night-Fights-bug-2Instead, the company is said to be developing a long-range alternative that means you won’t need to place your iPhone down on a special charging pad. But is this really necessary? Will the technology be worth waiting for, or should Apple just deliver wireless charging already?

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac as we fight to the death over this very topic. It promises to be… electrifying.