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The Flexible Glass Apple Would Need For An iWatch Won’t Be Ready For 3 More Years

it will be awhile before you'll be able to bend this around your wrist.

it will be awhile before you’ll be able to bend this around your wrist.

It was recently reported that Apple is working on a wristwatch computer with a curved glass display. The glass was speculated to be Corning’s Willow Glass, a brand new technology that lets a thin pane of glass fold up like a newspaper. “The thinness, strength and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure,” according to Corning.

If Apple were to release an iWatch in the next year or so, it would assumedly need Willow Glass to be ready for mass production. Unfortunately, it will be several more years before Corning’s flexible displays are ready for consumers.

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