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White House photographer used an iPhone to snap Presidential Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations at the White House, as captured using an iPhone 6 Plus. Photo: Brooks

Christmas decorations at the White House, as captured using an iPhone 6 Plus. Photo: Brooks Kraft/TIME

President Obama might not be allowed an iPhone for security reasons, but an iPhone 6 Plus did make into the White House recently — to photograph the Presidential Christmas decorations.

“If you are looking to capture something candid, people are so used to seeing mobile devices that their reaction time is slower,” said photographer Brooks Kraft in an interview with TIME magazine. “You have a better chance of getting the shot, and that was the case at the White House.”

Because the pre-Christmas event is less formal than many occasions at the White House (the President isn’t there for one thing), Kraft said he seized the opportunity to “try out new gear that I might use later in more news-oriented environments.”

And what better gear to try out than an iPhone 6 Plus?

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Apple signs White House pledge to speed up payment to small businesses


While Apple is making money hand over fist today, it’s not that long ago (OK, 37 years) that it was a new business with the same cash-flow problems faced by all small companies.

To help speed up its business transactions, Apple today will officially sign up to a new White House initiative called SupplierPay, a voluntary program in which companies commit to pay small suppliers faster, or else aid them in getting access to lower-cost capital.

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The Obama Administration Has Been Secretly Moving To Make iPhone Unlocking Illegal


It was only six months ago that the White House officially went on record saying that they thought cell phone unlocking should be legalized. The statement was issued in response to a 114,000+ signature petition, which rightfully argued that if you have paid off a device on-contract, it should belong to you, full-stop.

The Obama Administration said flat-out they agreed… which is why it’s distressing to find out that they may have been misleading us. In fact, while telling the American public that it supported laws to make cell phone unlocking legal, it appears that the Obama Administration has secretly been working against it.

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White House Asks FCC To End Cell Phone Locking


Hate the fact that your wireless carrier keeps your smartphone locked? President Obama does too. The White House has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission asking that wireless carriers be required to unlock all mobile devices.

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Apple Gets Support From Microsoft, Intel & Others In Fight Against iPhone 4 Ban


Thanks to Samsung and the International Trade Commission, Apple will be banned from importing the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 into the United States from Sunday, August 4. The Cupertino company has been trying to fight the ban since it was confirmed last October, but it’s had little success.

Now it is seeing unlikely support from Microsoft, Intel, and Oracle, which all agree that the use of standards-essential patents to ban products should not be allowed.

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White House Says Cell Phone Unlocking Should Be Legalized


Last month, a petition was created on the White House’s ‘We The People’ website that demanded the White House ask Congress to rescind its decision to make unlocking cellphones illegal.

After 114,000 signatures were collected on the petition, the White House invited experts on telecommunications, technology and copyright law to come over to the White House and talk about the issue.

The official White House response was issued today stating that the Obama Administration believes that consumers should be able to unlock their cellphones without risking criminal penalties.

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100,000+ Americans Want The White House To Make Smartphone Unlocking Legal


A petition against a phone unlocking ban that was introduced last month has now received more than 100,000 online signatures, the threshold petitions must reach to get an official response from the Obama Administration. The petition calls for the White House to make cellphone unlocking legal again, without having to go through a carrier.

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Your Local Apple Store Is Probably Worth Just As Much As The White House [Trivia]

Your Local Apple Store Is Probably Worth Just As Much As The White House [Trivia]

What’s more valuable: the White House or the Apple Store? The most iconic and easily identifiable residence in the country might seem like the safer bet, but guess again: it’s actually worth just about as much as any one single Apple store.

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President Obama Sends His First Tweet On A MacBook Pro [Picture]

President Obama Sends His First Tweet On A MacBook Pro [Picture]

Check this out: at a recent Twitter Town Hall hosted at the White House alongside Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, President Barack Obama sent his first live Tweet… and did so on his MacBook Pro, modded with a conspicuous presidential seal over the iconic Apple logo.