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Get your lost iOS files back fast with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

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iPhone Data Recovery makes it simple to restore lost iOS files. Photo: FonePaw

This post is brought to you by FonePaw, creator of iPhone Data Recovery.

Accidentally delete important iPhone files? Encounter a fatal failure while jailbreaking your iOS device? Experience a hardware or system malfunction? iPhone Data Recovery can snap you out of this all-to-common data nightmare quickly.

The easy-to-use Mac software is designed to help you recover deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, notes, etc., either directly from your phone or by extracting and restoring files from iTunes or iCloud. All you need to do is plug your mobile device into your Mac and click “Start Scan.”

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WhatsApp might make chat backup painless with Google Drive

Never lose your WhatsApp chats again.

Never lose your WhatsApp chats again.

Transferring your WhatsApp data to a new device can be a pain — particularly if you’re switching from Android to another platform, or vice-versa. But WhatsApp looks set to make it a whole lot easier by giving users the ability to backup their messages to Google Drive.

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You can now use WhatsApp on your Mac, but there’s a catch

You can now use WhatsApp on your Mac, but there's a catch. Photo: Cult of Mac

You can now use WhatsApp on your Mac, but there’s a catch. Photo: Cult of Mac

WhatsApp is a great alternative to iMessage, except in one regard: iMessage lets you send messages from your Mac. That means if you hate tapping in text messages on a touchscreen, you can use your keyboard instead.

But that’s changed. The long-awaited ability to use WhatsApp on your Mac has finally arrived. But there’s a caveat: It only works if you don’t have an iPhone.

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WhatsApp now has 700 million active users

By our calculations, Facebook's $19 billion investment in WhatsApp works out at $27.14 per user. Photo: WhatsApp

By our calculations, Facebook’s $19 billion investment in WhatsApp works out at $27.14 per user. Photo: WhatsApp

WhatsApp has come a long way from its early days, when creators Jan Koum and Brian Acton were inspired to create a cross-platform messenger app by Apple’s addition of push notifications to iOS 3.0.

Having been snapped up by Facebook for a cer-azy $19 billion almost a year ago, the popular app has now announced a personal record-breaking 700 million monthly active users — a whole 100 million more than were using the service back in August.

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WhatsApp won’t get voice calling until next year

WhatsApp will make you wait for voice calling. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

WhatsApp will make you wait for voice calling. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services on mobile, has long had plans to step up its assault against the likes of Skype and Viber with a free voice calling feature that was initially promised for the second quarter of 2014. Now the company’s CEO has confirmed that the launch is planned for early 2015 instead.

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These are the best messaging apps on iOS

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

It’s an iOS messaging shootout! Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

I recently watched The Lady try to convince a friend of ours to download WhatsApp. The friend is moving to the United Kingdom, and we want to stay in touch. Our friend tried to say that email would do the job, but we all know that will never work.

Our friend doesn’t want WhatsApp (maybe because it’s owned by Facebook), and she doesn’t own an iPhone, so iMessage is out. Thankfully, there are plenty of free and good alternatives. Some are more secure, some have more features, and none of them is owned by Facebook.

Let’s take a look at what’s available and how these very different messaging apps compare on a number of key features.

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Snapchat seeks funding with whopping $10 billion valuation


Snapchat is currently in talks with investors over a round of funding that could value the company at a mind-blowing $10 billion, according to sources for Bloomberg. That’s a little over half the $19 billion Facebook paid for WhatsApp, but double the $5 billion market cap currently held by BlackBerry.

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7 Awesome Companies Apple Should Buy After Missing The Boat On Oculus


When Facebook snapped up virtual-reality company Oculus VR this week, it got us wondering what other interesting startups Apple might want to buy before Mark Zuckerberg can get his hands on them.

While Oculus is most well known for its Rift gaming headset, Zuckerberg sees a far more wide-ranging application for the company’s VR tech, envisioning it as a futuristic communications platform. “One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people,” he said in his post about the acquisition.

That’s the kind of big thinking Steve Jobs brought to the table when he talked about the way the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad would change the way people interact with technology. While Apple rarely dips into its $150 billion cash hoard to buy other hardware firms, here are seven awesome companies whose technology could help Cupertino enhance and improve its existing devices — as well as build entirely new ones.

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Leaked Screenshots Tease WhatsApp’s Upcoming VoIP Feature


Immensely popular cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp is gearing up to take on Skype with voice-over-IP (VoIP) calling — and these are the screenshots that prove it. The feature will have a similar interface as the built-in Phone app, and it boasts features like speaker phone and muting.

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WhatsApp To Add Voice Calling Later This Year

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.16.05 PM

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service that was recently bought by Facebook, is adding a big feature in a few months: voice calling.

During a keynote at Mobile World Congress, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum announced that voice calling would be added in the second quarter of this year. The feature will be a free addition to the already free app.

WhatsApp has 465 million monthly active users, which is 15 million more than Facebook. The service’s huge international presence (it’s the largest mobile messaging service in Korea, for example) also helps explain why Facebook paid $19 billion to own it.