WhatsApp to begin sharing your data with Facebook



WhatsApp made millions of smartphone users happy with week when it announced it will be ditching its annual subscription fee, but its next move might not be so popular.

According to a hidden option found in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, the service is planning to share user data with Facebook “to improve [your] Facebook experiences.”

WhatsApp will take on FaceTime with video calling feature


You'll now be able to WhatsApp your friends with full motion video.
Photo: Macerkopf.de

Having added voice calling at no extra cost earlier this year, WhatsApp is now reportedly looking to introduce FaceTime-style video calls, according to a new report.

The leaked iOS screenshot shows a full-screen video call, along with a smaller inlaid video preview with the camera view of the call recipient, just like Skype or Apple’s own video calling service.

How to cure WhatsApp’s picture hoarding


WhatsApp sure does like your photos and videos.
WhatsApp sure does like your photos and videos.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

WhatsApp is a pretty popular messaging app that went from 200 million daily active users in April of 2013 to 800 million of them as of April 2015.

Unlike competitor SnapChat, however, WhatsApp will save every photo and video file sent to you to your Camera Roll. This could make for some embarrassing moments when you’re swiping through your photos to show mom your latest cat pictures.

It could also start to clog up your iPhone, really, with all that racy video your friends keep sending you.

To avoid these situations, you can disable the “feature.” Here’s how.

Monster trucks, Apple Watch email, and other awesome apps of the week


If you're appy and you know it, check our list!
If you're appy and you know it, check our list!
Photo: Cult of Mac

It’s the weekend, which means (we hope) taking a day off from the usual grind to relax, mow your lawn, have a lie-in, and check out the hottest apps to hit the App Store over the past seven days.

And, man, have we got some good picks this week — from Apple Watch email clients to excellent comedic weather apps!

Check them out below: