New MacBook selfie sticks are a nightmare mashup of nope


I'll take a double-shot half-caff soy latte with a side of massive MacBook selfie stick, please.
I'll take a double-shot half-caff soy latte with a side of massive MacBook selfie stick, please.
Photo: MacBook Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are bad enough, and while we’ve not seen anyone taking photos with an iPad and a long stick yet, here’s something even wackier: a MacBook on the end of a stick.

Created by an artist collective and showing on the streets of New York City, the oversize selfie sticks seem to be making the point that perhaps the technology that serves our obsession with selfies should be as outsize as our egos.

The Hotel That Banned Apple For Skinny-Dipping In Its Pool Has Had A Change Of Heart



Back in 1983, Apple took a retreat to La Playa Carmel, a popular Californian resort. During that retreat, Apple’s employees rioted, skinny dipping and drinking and throwing what was later called a “college beer bash.” As a result, Steve Jobs and co. were banned from La Playa Carmel forever. But La Playa Carmel has new owners now… and they’re ready to welcome Cupertino back with open arms.

This Man Pickpockets iPhones From His Victims… Using Chopsticks! [Image]


Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 10.24.51 AM

In the 1984 rite-of-passage classic The Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso is taught agility and patience by his sensei, Keisuke Miyagi, by catching flies with chopsticks.

What kind of agility do you think it would take, then, to steal an iPhone using chopsticks? From a passing bicyclist, no less?

The Chinese gentleman above apparently pulled off the incredible feat in downtown Zhengzhou. A journalist happened to snap his nimble pickpocketing in action, which led to Wang turning himself in.

Via: Kotaku

Why Were 127 iPhones Run Over By This Russian Excavator? [Video]


A mass graves for (fake) iPhones.

If you’re an iPhone lover, this video of an excavator destroying one hundred and twenty-seven iPhones underneath its treads is sure to stand your hair on end. It’s like watching a bulldozer dig a mass grave.

Don’t worry, though: these aren’t real iPhones, convincing as they might seem. They’re merely convincing replicants.