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Not everyone wants to code.

Whether that’s because of time constraints or simply because of a lack of interest, it’s a fact that coding isn’t going to be on everyone’s agenda. But what if you want to build a powerful and beautiful website without having to have some coding knowledge? This is where this Cult of Mac Deals offer comes to the rescue.

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Apple Removes Code Hiding Samsung Apology From U.K. Homepage



As part of a court ruling in the U.K. Apple has been forced to publish a public apology to Samsung on the U.K. Apple website. When Apple originally published the apology on the U.K. homepage, some clever coding pushed the apology statement below the browser window.

This morning an update to the Apple U.K. homepage has removed the coding that was hiding the apology unless a user’s browser window was extremely tall.

U.K. Judge Gives Apple 48 Hours To Correct “Samsung’s Not As Cool” Non-Apology


The teeny tiny link to Apple's statement.

A court of appeal has reprimanded the “non-compliant” statement Apple published on its website regarding the case against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in the United Kingdom. Apple now has 48 hours to correct the statement, which must then be displayed on the homepage of its website until December 14.

Apple: Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad Because It’s Not As Cool (But It Did Copy The iPad Really)


You weren't expecting Apple to issue a straight and sincere apology, were you?
You weren't expecting Apple to issue a straight and sincere apology, were you?

Having lost its appeal against the Samsung Galaxy Tab in a High Court ruling in the United Kingdom earlier this month, Apple was ordered to publish advertisements in British newspapers and magazines, and on its website, which must say that Samsung did not copy the iPad.

The Cupertino company has now published a statement on its website, and it makes for a very humorous read. Basically, Apple quotes the judge, who said that Samsung’s tablets “are not as cool” as Apple’s, then says that despite the decision, Samsung did copy the iPad really.