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Weather Notifications: Customized Weather Alerts Delivered To Your Notification Center

weatehr notifications

I just moved to Germany, which means that I get a lot more weather than when I lived in Spain. There, a quick once-a-week check was plenty to know whether you should get the umbrella from the attic. In Germany, I check every time I want to leave the house.

And now there’s a great app which will will let you customize your own weather notifications, right there on your iPhone.

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See All Your Locations At Once In The New iOS 7 Weather App [iOS Tips]

Weather App

In addition to using Yahoo! Weather data, the new Weather app in iOS 7 also borrows some of its look from the stellar Yahoo! weather app that came out prior to the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

One new feature that the built-in Weather app from Apple brings to the table is a way to see all the locations you check the weather for into one screen. Here’s how to access it.

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Weathermob Now Lets You Check What Other Surfers, Golfers, Hikers Are Saying About the Weather [Daily Freebie]


Social weather iPhone app Weathermob has just seen a big, fat update, which Weathermob‘s PR people describe as “a deeper, more delightful and safer understanding of weather.”

With new activity-based (surfing, hiking, golfing, gardening) channels and additional detail added to the realtime weather trends aggregated from its users, this is social weather, and unlike anything else available at the app store.

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Weathertron: Another Gorgeous, Easy-To-Read iOS Weather App

Weathertron: Another Gorgeous, Easy-To-Read iOS Weather App

Weathertron is Yet Another iPhone Weather App. In fact, it’s Yet Another iPhone Weather App Built On Dark Sky’s Back End. But as we shall see it’s totally worth a look: it looks great, it’s universal and — best of all — it’s called Weathertron.

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iOS 7 Reminds Us To Be Careful What We Wish For


It’s our own fault. We all asked Apple to dramatically change the look and feel of the iOS operating system, which, until yesterday, remained largely unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. And we all complained when it didn’t do that with iOS 6 this time last year.

But I can’t help but feel the Cupertino company is now punishing us for all those requests, and all that complaining we did before about its skeuomorphic designs.

When it comes to design, iOS 7 is vastly different to its predecessors. It still functions in much the same way — though there are some new features you’ll need to get used to — but it looks completely different. As soon as you power it up for the first time the minimalistic feel is staring back at you, but it isn’t until you’ve completed the setup process and arrived at your home screen that you want to vomit in your own lap.

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New Weather App Tells You How Effing Cold It Is Outside

Probably the best part of Effing Weather is hidden in the “Features” list in the media kit. Check it out:

The user also has the option to display the more vulgar expression, such as “It’s Fucking Cold.”

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Dark Sky For iOS Turns 3.0


Dark Sky, our favorite micro-weather app for iOS, has just gotten a beautiful update to the big three-point-oh. Dark Sky’s just as simple as it ever was, but gives you a little more information about weather farther than an hour away, the ability to submit a personal weather support and meteorological data for our friends over in the U.K. Neat!

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Fahrensius Is An Ultra-Simple Weather App For Your Mac’s Menubar

Farensius is a simple menubar app for your Mac which will let you know what the weather is doing outside, should you be too busy to turn your head and steal an unproductive glance through the nearest window. You get a little icon showing you the type of weather you’ll find beyond the confines of your office, and a temperature in – yes – ˚F or ˚C.

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WeatherPro Now Supports Your Own Netatmo Backyard Weather Station

There are probably more slick-looking weahter apps in the app stoire than there are gimmicky to-do list managers, but if you want a meteorological powerhouse in your pocket then there’s only one option: WeatherPro. In it’s paid form it will give forecasts for up to two weeks, along with all the radar and satellite animations you could need, plus detailed yet easily-read weather info.

Now, if you own a backyard weather station from Netatmo, you can view its data right there in the familiar WeatherPro interface.

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Today Weather App Brings Dark Skies To Rest Of World

Today is a beautiful but limited weather app. Dark Skies is that clever wether app which tells you exactly where and when it’s going to rain, so you can decide whether to grab your umbrella as you dash tot he store. The problem? U.S-only.

Now Today has incorporated Dark Skies alerts to bring this kind of accuracy to the rest of the world.

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