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Dark Sky is the best weather app for iOS 8


This morning I woke up and slide my finger down my iPhone’s lockscreen to see the weather. With a single line of text, Dark Sky told me what it felt like outside and that it would be overcast for at least the next hour. No need for sunglasses then.

There are a lot of weather apps out there to choose from, and I’ve tried a lot of them. But in terms of features, design, and actual usefulness, none comes close to being as good as Dark Sky.

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App Watch: Plain old text and widgets (lots of widgets)

AtmoBar, Track Your NetAtmo Weather Station From Your Mac’s Menubar

AtmoBar, Track Your NetAtmo Weather Station From Your Mac’s Menubar

AtmoBar is Mac app that works with the NetAtmo weather station you have in your back yard (or on your balcony, for city dwellers). It sits in your menubar and gives readouts and graphs with just a click.

It sure beats just looking out the window.

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BlueCub iPhone Sensor Measures Temperature And Humidity

BlueCub iPhone Sensor Measures Temperature And Humidity

The BluCub is a lot like the Tempo pebble I reviewed a few weeks back, only instead of measuring just temperature, it also measures humidity, adding another feather to your home-weather-station cap. If you wear a cap and put a feather in it when you buy a Bluetooth sensor, that is.

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Dark Sky Becomes An Even Better Weather App With Big iOS 7 Redesign


I always know when it’s going to rain. It’s not because I’m psychic, but because of Dark Sky, which I can confidently call one of—of not the—best weather apps in the App Store. Originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, the success of Dark Sky has brought about and a robust weather platform for other great apps.

What does two years of development and going back to the drawing board get you? A complete redesign of Dark Sky for iOS. I’ve been using it for months, and it’s finally available in the App Store as a free update.

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Dark Sky 4 Is Now A Gorgeous, Full-Featured Weather App

Dark Sky, the Instapaper of weather apps, just hit v4.0. It’s still only available in the U.S and the UK, and it still gives you accurate, hyper-local predictions for rain, but just about everything else has changed. For the better, I might add.

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Get A Live Weather Icon In iOS 7 With This Jailbreak Tweak


iOS can support dynamic icons: just look at the subtly changing clock icon in iOS 7, where the minute hands change in real-time throughout the day according to the time. So why not do the same with weather?

It’s unknown why Apple didn’t think of this first, but if you have a jailbroken iOS 7 device, you can now have a live Weather icon anyway, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak.

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MeteoEarth, The Amazing Global Weather App, Now On Mac


MeteoEarth is a pretty rad weather app for the iPad. It’s purpose isn’t really to tell you whether to take an umbrella with your to the shops, but it can do that if you like. No, what MeteoEarth is really good at is showing you beautifully-animated views of the weather as it blows and scuds across the surface of the Earth. And now you can get it for the Mac.

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Weather Geeks Rejoice: Netatmo Adds A Rain Gauge [CES 2014, Exclusive]


Netatmo’s rain gauge looks like modern sculpture. Photo: Netatmo

CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — With the throng of tech bloggers covering CES, it’s not often that the heavily covered show hands us a surprise — but here’s one.

Netatmo, the French outfit best known for its fancy cloud-connected micro/personal Weather Station (and now also a device that measures your level of sun exposure), is about to add a hard-core new component: a rain gauge.

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Weather Notifications: Customized Weather Alerts Delivered To Your Notification Center

weatehr notifications

I just moved to Germany, which means that I get a lot more weather than when I lived in Spain. There, a quick once-a-week check was plenty to know whether you should get the umbrella from the attic. In Germany, I check every time I want to leave the house.

And now there’s a great app which will will let you customize your own weather notifications, right there on your iPhone.

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