Apple Watch mods free up your wrist for, you know, whatever


Apple Watch pocket pendant
Get ready to pay a little more to get a little less out of your Apple Watch.
Photo: Bucardo

We like the Apple Watch a lot. I use it every day, and when I’m not wearing it, sometimes I find myself checking my wrist out of habit. But one company thinks that your arm looks like it’s suffocating. Or that the Apple Watch can be molded into a variety of other fashion accessories. Or something else.

The point is this: For whatever reason, Bucardo is developing housings that turn your beloved Apple Watch into a dapper pocket number or a dazzling pendant, and it’s looking to you for funding.

Apple’s fitness guru on what makes the Watch revolutionary


Apple Watch is the perfect companion for spin class.
Apple Watch is the perfect companion for spin class.
Photo: Apple

Jay Blahnik has been one of Apple’s key hires in getting the Apple Watch and now in one of his first extensive interviews since joining the company, Apple’s fitness guru has revealed how his teams of experts tried to differentiate the Apple Watch in the hugely competitive new wearables market.

When it came down to making Apple Watch, it wasn’t just about making something that looks good that also tracks your steps and calories. Blahnik tells Outside that Apple’s goal was to silence the noise by ignoring the fitness trends and focusing in on the three things that mattered the most.

Here are seven key things we learned from the interview:

Kahney’s Korner: Why you should buy an Apple Watch

Should you buy an Apple Watch?
Leander Kahney answers the big question: Should you buy an Apple Watch?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

For me, it’s the burning question of 2015: “Should I buy an Apple Watch?”

As editor and publisher of Cult of Mac, everybody’s always asking me if Apple’s smartwatch is a must-buy. The simple answer is there’s no simple answer, for reasons that might surprise you.

Why I dropped everything to create Apple Watch apps


Can Apple Watch be as successful as the iPod?
Can Apple Watch be as successful as the iPod?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of mac

I dropped everything to make apps for the Apple Watch. I’ve owned the Watch from day one and I admit it is has its shortcomings, but oh my does it have potential.

The device convinced my co-founders and me to start Tap Get to work exclusively on Apple Watch apps — early, while the rest of the world is still making up its mind about smartwatches and other wearables.

Why it’s impossible to keep up with the Apple Watch Activity app


Time to take the stairs, not the elevator.
Time to take the stairs, not the elevator.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

The Activity app on your Apple Watch suggests new “Move goals” each week, based on how many calories you burned the previous week. To test how this works in practice, I accepted every new goal my Watch suggested during the past 10 weeks.

The Move goals became progressively more challenging as the test went on. They nearly doubled, from 950 to 1,840 calories, and I could no longer keep up. I realized that Apple is following the Peter Principle, and that’s why I was always destined to fail.