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Waterfield’s CitySlicker For MacBook Is A Great Case For An Urban Cowboy [Review]


It’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that any time we review a bag or case by Waterfield Designs, we’re going to love them. The San Francisco based company is such a maestro at stripping a cow to its bones then stitching the tanned hide up into a premier laptop or tablet case that dishing out an enthusiastic review of yet another one is starting to feel like a matter of course.

CitySlicker for MacBook by Waterfield Designs
Category: Bags/Cases
Works With: MacBook Air (11- & 13-inch), MacBook Pro (13- and 15-inch)
Price: $129 – $149

So it’s with a profound sense of relief that I can report that Waterfield Design’s CitySlicker MacBook case is the worst thing anyone’s ever made, ever. That includes the Fred series of movies. Scotch-taped together from what appears to be a beef jerky flavored Fruit Roll-Up, the City Slicker….


Sorry, I couldn’t keep a straight face. Just kidding! The CitySlicker is an awesomely stylish protective case for your MacBook Air that can double as a very streamlined laptop bag or attache case. Oh, and it also makes a pretty awesome lap desk. It’s just as good a product as any that Waterfield has ever made. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

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Show Us What’s In Your Gadget Bag & Win One Of Three Killer Bags From Waterfield Designs [Contest]

Show Us What’s In Your Gadget Bag & Win One Of Three Killer Bags From Waterfield Designs [Contest]

Show us what’s in your gadget bag and win an awesome new bag to replace it!

Here at Cult of Mac, we love showing off what’s in our gadget bags. It’s like a ritual: first to meticulously pack your bag with all the gear you could possibly need to get through the day, but then to empty it out, arrange it neatly and present it for the scrutiny and admiration of your fellow computer geeks.

We love seeing what’s in people’s gadget bags, so we’re throwing a contest in partnership with one of our favorite bag makers, Waterfield Designs: show us what’s in your current gadget bag and if you impress us, you could win one of three amazing new gadget bags and sleeves for your Mac, iPhone and iPad!

Here’s how to enter Cult of Mac’s “What’s In My Gadget Bag?” contest!

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