Legendary investor Warren Buffett tells Apple: ‘Privacy has its limits’


There's still a lot of money left in iOS devices.
Warren Buffett thinks Apple should help the FBI.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Legendary investor Warren Buffett says Apple should help the FBI crack the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino shooting case because “privacy has its limits.”

Speaking to CNBC Monday, Buffett said he’s not siding against Apple — although he kind of is.

King Of The Sure Thing: Billionaire Warren Buffett Won’t Invest In Apple

AAPL may be doing well, but it's no Coke, says Buffet.

Third wealthiest man in the world, Warren Buffett, known for his tremendous investment success as well as his high-end philanthropy, told a group of investors at the Berkshire annual meeting that he had no interest in investing in Apple (or Google), seeing them as risky investments.

Warren Buffett: Steve Jobs Asked My Advice On Apple’s Cash But Didn’t Take It


Apple's update strategy saves a lot of money over maintaining Windows XP
Apple's update strategy saves a lot of money over maintaining Windows XP

There have been a lot of ideas suggested for what Apple could do with its nearly $100 billion in cash. Some have been serious suggestions like companies that Apple could buy while others are a little more absurd but illustrate just how much money Apple’s got.

Today, Warren Buffett revealed to viewers of CNBC’s Squawk Box that Steve Jobs wasn’t sure what to do with all the money Apple began raking in over recent years and asked for advice. He ultimately ignored that advice in his typical fashion while telling others that Buffett agreed with his decision for Apple to just sit on its money.