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Bring Forstall’s Linens Back To iOS 7 With These 8 Wallpapers


Jony Ive’s new vision for iOS 7 is simple and parallax’d and all that, but it’s also completely devoid of the linen backgrounds Scott Forstall championed in earlier versions of iOS and OS X.

The loss of Forstall’s linens is one of the best improvements to iOS, but if you find yourself craving some fabric inspired backgrounds again, here are 8 linen wallpapers to bring Forstall’s linens back to iOS 7:

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OS X Mavericks Includes Giant Wallpaper For 27-Inch Retina Displays


With every new OS X release comes a fancy new wallpaper, and for Mavericks, Apple has provided us with a beautiful shot of an ocean wave. And it’s even more beautiful when you put it on a high-resolution display, because it was a whopping 5120×2880 resolution. In fact, it’s the perfect size for a 27-inch Retina iMac or Thunderbolt display.

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Here’s Where To Download OS X Mavericks’ Beautiful New Wallpaper [Image]


If you want to make your Mac look like it’s running OS X Mavericks but don’t want to wait for fall (or for the Apple developer site to stop crapping itself), here’s the default wallpaper OS X 10.9 now uses.

Looks great, doesn’t it? Download it in high-resolution here or here directly from Apple.

Here’s An iOS 7 Wallpaper To Get You In The Mood For WWDC


We’re less than 90 minutes away from Apple’s first keynote of the year. If you’re already salivating with excitement and anticipation about all the goodies that are about to come out then here’s a little iOS 7 wallpaper (based on the WWDC banners on display) that should hold you over until Tim Cook officially unveils the new look of iOS.

Get Your Mac And iPhone Ready For WWDC With These Awesome WWDC Wallpapers


The countdown for WWDC 2013 has begun. Tickets don’t go on sale until tomorrow morning, but if you’re already wanting to get into the WWDC spirit, here are two great wallpapers for iPhone and Mac, courtesy of Christian Dalonzo.

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S


Thunderbolt Display

Pixel-Tastic Classic Nintendo Wallpapers For iPhone 5

Everyone’s favorite recalcitrant Scottish blogger, programmer and whisky drinker Matt “Legend” Gemmel has made available these fantastic iPhone 5 wallpapers, ready for your retro-tendo reminiscences.

Matt made the set of five tall-papers (what I somewhat annoyingly just decided to call the iPhone 5’s tall wallpapers) to commemorate his new-found love of Nintendo gaming on the Mac.

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You’re Going To Want These Gorgeous Wallpapers For Your Apple Devices [Gallery]

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 7.18.58 PM

Yes please.

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for gorgeous wallpapers to lovingly bestow upon your shiny gadgets. Merek Davis has curated a fantastic selection of wallpapers by designer Kyle Gray, and you can download them all in Apple-friendly resolutions from his website.

I love this collection of stuff because it’s all wonderfully minimal. Loud and busy wallpapers are distracting, but these are simple enough to fade into the foreground of your display. Really nice.

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These Gorgeous, Book-Themed iPad Wallpapers Are Perfect For The iPad Mini As E-Reader [Gallery]

These Gorgeous, Book-Themed iPad Wallpapers Are Perfect For The iPad Mini As E-Reader [Gallery]

The iPad mini is rather perfectly sized for an e-reader: light, easy to hold, super thin. What better way to show off your reading street cred with a set of luxuriously tasty book-themed images? They’re perfectly sized for the iPad mini, with higher resolution options for its larger, more Retina-enabled bigger brothers, too.

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Use Your Own iPhoto Or Aperture Images As Desktop Pictures In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

Use Your Own iPhoto Or Aperture Images As Desktop Pictures In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]

My son got a hold of the iPad

Desktop pictures, or wallpaper, are one way to make your Mac truly your own. Choosing from one of the beautifully rendered images that are provided along with OS X is one way to be sure to impress any passers-by, as well and give you something beautiful to look at as you go about your daily Mac business.

Now, however, Mountain Lion lets you easily use any of your own images from iPhoto (or Aperture) as a Desktop Picture, right within the Desktop & Screensaver preference pane. Here’s how.

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Retina-Ready Wallpaper Version Of iPad Mini Event Invite

Retina-Ready Wallpaper Version Of iPad Mini Event Invite

IMore’s Apple supremo Rene Ritchie has rustled up this rather stunning wallpaper featuring the artwork for Apple’s just-announced iPad mini event. And not only is it rendered text-free for distraction-free backdropping purposes, but it’s retina-ized for your hi-res iPad pleasure.

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