Get ready to puke! Oculus VR to land next year on Xbox and more


New headset, motion controllers, and more.
New headset, motion controllers, and more.
Photo: Oculus

Virtual reality had its coming out party Thursday morning with a live-stream presentation from the Oculus Rift team. VR is coming ever closer to becoming a true platform, with games that you can stream from Xbox and PC as well as those that will run directly on the Rift itself.

VR is a fledgeling technology with its share of quirks, even though it’s been a topic in computer science and gaming circles for decades. Just like Star Trek’s holodeck, we’ve all wanted to immerse ourselves in our gaming and fantasy environments and VR holds that promise. With early reports of nausea and other motion issues, the newly-improved devices have a lot to make up for.

The Oculus team is hard at work at doing just that, with improvements to both the hardware and software to ensure a fun, comfortable experience for most gamers.

Apple is thinking about making this crazy virtual reality headset


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.24.06 AM

Today, in what is being described as a “historic” event, Apple will take the stage in Cupertino and unveil at least three new products: the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6+, and (quite possibly) the iWatch, Apple’s revolutionary wearable.

But imagine if Apple had even more in store for us. Like what? Oh, say, this Apple patent for an Occulus Rift style virtual reality headset!

How Virtual Reality Can Make Your Building Smarter [Macworld / iWorld 2012]

Wiekling and students during the presentation. @cultofmac.
Wiekling and students during the presentation. @cultofmac.


SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / iWORLD 2012 — Next time you’re nodding off at school or in the office because there’s too much C02 in the room, a sensor can open the window and wake you up.

This is just one of the cool functions that a group of uber-smart high school students and an affable professor have designed through virtual reality in Hawaii.

iPhone 4 Game Blends Asteroids with Virtual Reality…on the Holodeck [Daily Freebie]


ball pit

If you’re lucky enough to posses an iPhone 4 and haven’t already downloaded freebie Ball Pit, do it now and play around with it a little. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Pretty cool, right? For those of you at work or still saving for an iPhone 4, the game is basically a first-person shooter set in the middle of a what looks like a holodeck from the later Star Trek shows, with the objective of shooting down the spheres that happen to be floating around in the big room with you.