Change Your iPhone’s Brightness Settings With Your Volume Buttons Using BrightVol [Jailbreak]



I am forever adjusting my iPhone’s brightness settings, whether it’s to make the screen as dark as possible so that I can use it in bed without keeping my girlfriend awake, or to make it as bright as possible when I’m rummaging around in the attic for the Christmas decorations. The problem is, Apple doesn’t make it easy to alter brightness levels on the fly.

If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device, however, you can take matters into your own hands. Install the new BrightVol tweak on your handset and you’ll be able to adjust your display’s brightness levels using your volume buttons. It couldn’t be quicker.

Use Keyboard Modifiers To Gain Finer Control Of Volume And Brightness [OS X Tips]


Volume Shift Option

Recent keyboards for both desktop and laptop versions of Macintosh computers come with media buttons across the top of the keyboard where the F keys are. For example, my 11″ Macbook Air has F1 and F2 assigned to brightness, and F11 and F12 assigned to volume. When pressed, they increase or decrease the volume or the brightness one little tick mark at a time. But what if you want finer control?

Even Android’s Volume Control Is Hopelessly Fragmented

See this? It's just another way Android is hopelessly fragmented.
See this? It's just another way Android is hopelessly fragmented.

We already know that between hundreds of different Android builds and handsets, Google’s smartphone OS is hopelessly fragmented, and requires immense expense and time on the part of developers to get even a simple app working reliably.

But the problem with Android — and why it’s such a bitch to develop for — goes deeper than just too many handsets and OS builds to support. Even developing a simple music app for Android is a nightmare due to Android fragmentation, because Google couldn’t even get volume control on Android right out of the box.

Leaked iPad 3 Components Reveal New Internals, But No New Design [Exclusive]



Images of leaked iPad 3 components hot off the factory floor have been provided to Cult of Mac. They reveal that the internal components of Apple’s third-generation iPad are significantly different to those features in its first- and second-generation tablet. However, its design seems to remain almost the same.