VR porn site plunges you deep into some adult situations


Google Cardboard
It's just safer to show the goggles.
Photo: Google

People (likely men) who are down with porn and not embarrassed about watching it through a hunk of cardboard on their heads are about to have a very good day.

A new adult-entertainment site launched today that is specifically geared toward virtual-reality gear like Google Cardboard, which means that the iPhone can now become part of an even less subtle way than usual of looking at pictures of naked people.

Virtual reality is now as cheap as Cardboard on iOS


I can’t wait for the virtual reality future to finally go mainstream, but with company’s like Oculus talking about charging people over $1,500 for an entire Rift package, VR is virtually out of my price-range. Thankfully, Google is coming up with an easy-to-use VR solution that’s not only as cheap as a piece of cardboard, it works on Android and iOS too.

Take a VR rafting tour of the Grand Canyon without getting wet



Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most incredible wonders you could ever visit. To truly appreciated the Big Ass-ness of it, you really need to view it from the bottom. As someone who’s hiked there a few times, I can attest that getting down there is a pain.

Rafting through it on the Colorado is funner, but it’s also really wet and slightly dangerous, so the folks at Western River Expeditions captured the first-ever 360 interactive video on one of their recent trips. Now, thanks to wonders of virtual reality, you can now take a trip down the Colorado River without worrying about a mountainous wave of chocolatey water knocking you off the side of your raft.

Watching their video is like Google Street view for the Grand Canyon. You can explore it yourself below: