Watching VR games get built in VR will blow your mind


Unreal Engine 4 lets you build in VR.
Unreal Engine 4 lets you build in VR.
Photo: Unreal EngineYouTube

Virtual Reality isn’t just going to change how we consume content. It’s going totally change how we make content for the digital world too.

Developers at Epic Games have already created a way to build VR games using the Unreal Editor in VR mode, and it’s unlike any software development tool you’ve ever seen. Rather than clicking around on a 2D screen, designers Tim Sweeney and Mike Fricker show how game makers can walk around inside levels to manipulate objects and get everything just right.

Take a look:

Apple is spending lots of time at Stanford’s VR lab


VR may be happening soon,  and Apple might want to jump in.
VR may be happening soon, and Apple might want to jump in.
Photo: Sergey Galyonkin/Wikipedia CC

Apple may not have shown much interest in diving into virtual reality over the past few years, but the director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab says the company has shown some intense interest in the space recently.

Speaking at a technology conference this week, Jeremy Bailenson revealed that Apple employees have become regulars in his lab recently — and they won’t say why.

Apple is finally giving iPhone users a taste of VR


The iPhone looks good inside the View-Master VR headset.
The iPhone looks good inside the View-Master VR headset.
Photo: Apple

Apple is supposedly working furiously on product ideas to enter the Virtual Reality market. There have even been reports of several prototypes of VR headsets created by a secret research team said to be comprised of hundreds of engineers.

If Apple has been mind-bogglingly quiet about VR, it did offer a sign of interest recently when the View-Master VR headset appeared for sale on Apple’s website.

Apple hires a top virtual reality expert


Apple Goggles, anyone?
Photo: Apple/USPTO

Apple has hired a top virtual reality researcher as it continues to slowly ramp up its focus on the field.

Doug Bowman was previously a professor computer science as well as director of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech. While there, he was the principal investigator of the 3D Interaction Group, focusing on the benefits of immersion in virtual environments.

VR porn partnership takes viewing out of your hands


VR goggles by Florian Pircher vr porn
I mean, we don't know for sure that this mannequin head isn't watching porn, do we?
Photo: Florian Pircher/Pixabay

Two high-tech companies are joining forces for the latest development in immersive VR porn: goggles plus machines.

The partnership is between virtual-reality porn producer BaDoinkVR and “teledildonics” maker Kiiroo. And once you get past the basic idea of it, it still sounds super weird. But that’s just kind of how the future works. The deal will allow BaDoink’s content to sync up with one of Kiiroo’s “personal devices” to create an experience so authentic that the companies assume you will forget about all of the fancy mechanical rigs you’ve attached to yourself.