Give me some skin! Standing desk company introduces customization

This standing desk cover will make you feel like you are working in a field of sunflowers.
This standing desk cover will make you feel like you are working in a field of sunflowers.
Photo: Evodesk

We can customize our iMac desktops with a favorite photo. Why not the desk itself?

Evodesk, in addition to getting us to stand up for our work, now offers graphic inspiration with a durable second skin that envelops the desk with a wide selection of photos and patterns to keep creatives happy and productive.

Apple is diving into music streaming at the right time


Vinyl may be hot among hipsters, but it's clear that streaming music is the mass market trend. Photo: Jim Merithew/ Cult of Mac

Apple is preparing a complete revamp of Beats Music that will directly integrate the streaming service into all of its products. The timing could not be more perfect, because streaming subscriptions like Spotify have finally overtaken CD sales.

Parade Your Love For GTA V By Turning Your iPhone Into An iFruit For Just $13



I got married earlier this month, but my new wife has already threatened to divorce me due to my newfound obsession with GTA V. I’ve only had it since Saturday, but I literally can’t put it down. I’m not the only one, of course; the game has been a massive success so far, with $800 million made on launch day alone.

If you’ve been playing it, you may have noticed their are a number of references to Apple and its devices within the game, one of which is iFruit, and iPhone clone used by Michael De Santa, one of the game’s main characters. And now you, too, can have your own iFruit with this awesome iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s conversion kit for just $13.

The Capacity Of A 160GB iPod Visualized As A Stack Of Vinyl. Hint: It’s Huge


Do you ever stop to think about how many albums your iPhone will hold? Probably not, as you most likely filled your iPhone or iPod up with music from the iTunes Store, or you stream from Spotify or Rdio. And even if you filled up your iTunes with music by ripping actual physical disks, you almost certainly didn’t do it from vinyl records.

I did fill my first 15GB iPod with music from ripped CDs, so I know just how big the stack was that I had to work thorough. But if you head over to and click the little arrow, you’ll be treated to a stack of vinyl big enough to fill a 160GB iPod. That’s 40,000 songs in total.

Amazon AutoRip Now Automatically Adds Vinyl Purchases To Your MP3 Collection



Remember Amazon AutoRip?

It was a cool service Amazon launched earlier in the year which did something pretty cool: if you bought an AutoRip-compatible CD at any point since 1998, it’ll automatically show up in your Amazon Cloud Player, which can be accessed either online or through the free iTunes app

Pretty neat, and now, AutoRip is even neater: it now works with vinyl records you’ve purchased too. For example, I bought a copy of the excellent album Stranger by Balmorhea on vinyl a couple months ago, and it’s now in my Cloud Player.

This is pretty neat. Vinyl is already one of the more savvy ways to buy music, not just because of the improved sound quality and presentation over digital or CD, but because when you buy a vinyl album, you often get the digital version for free as a download anyway. With AutoRip now working with vinyl, buying a record is an even more compelling way to consume music.