Steam’s Big Picture For Mac Beta Now Available


Steam Big Picture 3

Back in September, we reported that Valve had created a special interface to let Steam gamers play on the big screen with a controller. At that time the PC version of Steam was enabled for what it calls Big Picture, but today, one of our readers noticed that the Mac beta is finally available.

It’s also fairly easy to enable it on your Mac right now–no software update required, if you’re already running the latest version of Steam.

It Looks Like Borderlands 2 Will Be Coming To The Mac


Borderlands 2 Mac

So, I hopped onto Steam last night to see what was new, and noticed something amazing in my list of Mac games for the service. Borderlands 2 is in the list of the Mac games on Steam. Woah!

It took me a minute to even register this fact, as I’m used to only seeing it on my gaming PC. In fact, that I own the game already on Steam is probably why I even see it on my Mac at all.

This is great news for all Mac gamers, of course. But the details are thin on the ground.

New Mac Game Store App Is Surprisingly Steam-Like



Today, the appropriately named Mac Game Store released a Mac app that looks a lot like a simliar service you may have heard of, Valve’s Steam. While Steam began as a matchmaking and leader board service that soon morphed into the premier PC and Mac game digital distribution juggernaut it is today, the Mac Game Store will only sell downloadable Mac games, naturally.

Play Steam Games In Your Living Room With The Big Picture, Mac Beta Coming Soon


Steam The Big Picture

Steam, the online portal for Mac and PC games, announced a new beta feature coming tonight to PCs and soon to Macs – The Big Picture. Parent company Valve has created a new way to play games purchased through the Steam store, using the same exact Steam friends list and games you already own.

Once you’ve updated the Steam client, you’ll be able to click a button and play your games with a controller, a mouse and keyboard, or what have you. Valve has made the new interface controller-friendly, designed to kick back on a couch and play games right on the big screen TV you already have in your living space.

Portal 2 Map Editor Now Includes Co-Operative Level Capabilities, 75% Off Coupon


Now you can play well with others.
Now you can play well with others.

If you haven’t played Valve’s amazing sequel to its arguably even more awesome original Portal game, now may be the time to jump in. Valve has updated the map editor for Portal 2 to include co-operative levels, called test chambers. Now you can create these yourself and share with the vibrant Portal 2 community on Steam for Mac, according to today’s news from Valve.