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Anker’s New Astro 3 Battery Can Fully Charge an iPad for Just Fifty Bucks


That’s right, $50 nabs you the Anker Astro 3, an external battery with three USB ports and 12,000 mAh, which is — in theory — enough juice to completely charge any iPad.

Why the in theory disclaimer? Because although the Astro 3’s 12,000 mAh capacity exceeds the 11,560 mAh capacity of the battery in the two latest iPads (the iPad 2’s battery is about half that of its successors), there’s always some energy loss when transferring energy from one battery to another.

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AOC Unveils Its New Cafe-Ready Portable USB-Powered Display


AOC didn’t have an image with a MacBook. Pthhh.

AOC’s new USB-powered, 16-inch LCD display may be a godsend for travelers who occasionally need a little extra MacBook screen real estate.

The AOC screen plugs into a USB 3 port (and only a USB 3 port), and just like any other external monitor can either mirror or augment a MacBook’s screen. The screen’s resolution is 1366×768, which covers an area of 15.6 inches — not quite the resolution of the standard 15’ MBP’s screen, but not that far off.

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SanDisk’s New Thumb Drives Have Built-In Wi-Fi

USB thumb drives are fast becoming useless, simply because we have nothing to plug them into. I used to get excited when PR folks gave me a 1GB stick instead of a DVD containing their press info, but how am I supposed to stick it into my iPad?

SanDisk’s new Connect Wireless Flash Drive fixes that. It’s a 16GB or 32GB thumb drive, only it has a Wi-Fi radio inside

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PowerCycle, A Bike-Friendly USB Battery Pack [Kickstarter]

PowerCycle is a hip-flask-shaped USB battery pack which is designed to be charged by your bike. You’ll need to be running a dynamo hub with an electrical output to actually charge it, so this is more a bike-friendly design than a bike-only one.

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DigiPower Travel Charger For Camera Batteries Is Effective And Annoying [Review]

Travel Charger by DigiPower
Category: Chargers
Works With: Various Cameras
Price: $50

The modern digital camera is a miracle. It can take photos in light so low that you can’t even focus the lens manually. It can record thousands of images onto a single SD card, or it can shoot RAW and let you make incredible adjustments back in the comfort of your own home.

But one thing that has driven me crazy with pretty much every digital camera I have ever owned is its charger. They’re almost universally terrible. Which is why I bought this Digipower alternative. But is it actually any better?

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The Bracketron, A Robotic Power-Sucking Vampire Symbiote… Kinda

This is the Bracketron, a robot which will help you fill out your NCAA tournament charts. Not really. The Bracketron is in fact a robot which will help you put up shelves that won’t fall down as soon as you place something breakable up there.

NOT REALLY AGAIN. The Bracketron is a USB charger which leeches its power from an outlet that is already in use. Which actually makes it better than my first two lies… Except for the robot part.

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The iFlash Drive Slurps Excess Photos *Off* Your iPhone

It’s gotten to the stage that I’m so loaded up on cloud storage for my photos that I could toss my iPhone into the toilet and not lose a thing (well, apart from the action shot of the toilet bowl framing my shocked face as the iPhone shoots its last photo). But while Dropbox and Everpix are great, sometimes you just want to rock an old-school USB stick and transfer photos to and from you iPhone with a stick of plastic.

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Ending Soon: The High-Flying Micro Drone [Deals]

CoM - Drone

It’s ba-ack — but its time is almost up!

This Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you a chance once again to get your hands on the Micro Drone – and it won’t cost you a whole lot, either. This deal is just $49!

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Take Flight With The Return Of The Micro Drone [Deals]

CoM - Drone

It’s ba-ack!

Today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you a chance once again to get your hands on the Micro Drone – and it won’t cost you a whole lot, either. This deal is just $49!

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Apple Seeking An Engineering Manager To Help With Next-Generation Apple TV


Along with the recent job listing with hints that Apple might bring USB 3.0 support to iOS devices, there’s a second notable job listing that Apple posted today that relates to the future of Apple TV.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors lately that Apple wants to beef up the Apple TV and possibly add more apps and a developer SDK. The creator of the Xbox even thinks Apple can squash Microsoft’s console if it wants to. Pointing to Apple’s big plans for Apple TV, the new job listing is looking for a new engineering manager to help oversee the next-generation Apple TV.

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