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UpWord Notes, Like Mailbox App For To-Do Lists

UpWord Notes, Like Mailbox App For To-Do Lists

I won’t lie. The main reason I checked out Upword Notes is that it sounds like Upstream Color, Shane Carruth’s amazing movie about pigs (some are calling it Babe 3).

But underneath this strange coincidence (surely just another of Carruth’s crazy web of mystery) lies a solid note-taking app, one with some genuinely clever features.

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‘UpWord Notes’: More Impressive Than A List-Making App Ought To Be

UpWord Notes

I’ve covered a few list-makers before, but this one just replaced Notes as my go-to item tracker.

It’s called UpWord Notes, and it is a simple but powerful app that lets you create, manage, and update lists with just a few simple commands. You can swipe left to make bullets and mark things as important, and you cross items off with a swipe to the right. Coolest of all, you can pull down, refresh-style, to remove all crossed-off items at once.

Plus it all syncs to Dropbox, so you can rest assured that you can always get your grocery list anywhere.