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Pebble Update Brings Do Not Disturb Mode, Multiple Alarms & More


Pebble has rolled out a new update to its hugely popular smartwatch, finally adding a Do Not Disturb mode, multiple alarms, better performance on iOS, and numerous new features and improvements. 

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Instagram Direct Lets You Share Private Photos & Videos With Friends


At an event in New York City today, Instagram announced Instagram Direct, a new feature that allows users to share private photos and videos with their friends and loved ones. It will be baked into the existing Instagram app for Android and iOS with an update that’s rolling out today.

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Facebook Messenger Updated – Tap For Free Calls, Timeline Views

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, the standalone app for the social network’s chat system, was updated Tuesday night. The new version of the chat app, which also includes the now-standard bug fixes, adds two new features that can be accessed with a tap to a friend’s chat icon.

All you need to do is tap on a profile picture in any conversation in Messenger to view their Timeline on Facebook. The other option is to call them using Facebook’s voice chat for free.

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Wave Of New Apps Gives Chromecast Awesome New Powers


Google has today announced that an additional ten applications for Android and iOS now support Chromecast streaming. VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, and more have been updated to allow users to enjoy news, sports, and music on their $35 dongle.

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Hatch 1.1 Update Brings Wallpapers, New Shop Items & More


Hatch, the cute virtual pet for iPhone from the makers of Clear, has received its first update just one week after making its App Store debut. The release adds some beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone, introduces some new shop items, and makes a long list of fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

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Tweetbot 3.2 Brings New Night Theme, Quicker Account Switching & More To iPhone


Using the latest Tweetbot release in bed will be a much more enjoyable experience after today, thanks to the latest update that introduces a brand new night theme. The version 3.2 release also makes it faster to switch between multiple accounts, and allows you to reorder them for your convenience.

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Angry Birds Gets Electrifying New Update, Now Has Almost 500 Levels

Few companies are better at keeping their games updated than Rovio, who’ve released more updates for its Angry Birds games than one can count. Add another grain of sand to the beaches of infinity, then, because the bird-vs.-pig physics strategy game has just gotten a new update, adding 30 levels to the core game as well as giving the bomb bird a new electric power.

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WhatsApp’s Upcoming iOS 7 Update Gets Shown Off Early [Video]


Given that it’s one of the biggest and most successful third-party messaging platforms available on mobile, you might be wondering why WhatsApp still hasn’t been updated for iOS 7 — more than two months after the software’s public release, and over five months after it was first made available to developers. (I certainly am.)

But the update — complete with a fancy redesign — is on its way, and you can get an early glimpse at it in the hands-on video below.

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Tweetbot 3.1 Update Brings Back Lists & Square Avatars, Adds New Features


Tweetbot 3.1 for iOS just hit the App Store, and it comes packing a whole bunch of new features — some of which a being brought back from its predecessor. You can now view lists as timelines again, set square avatars instead of circular ones, and resize text within the app — plus lots more.

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Twitterrific Update Brings New Profile Layout & Other Improvements

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.42.39 AM

Twitterrific 5 for iOS has received a nice new update that adds a number of new features and user interface improvements. In addition to a redesigned profile layout, there’s a new pull-to-refresh animation, and users now have the ability to view profile banners by tapping on them.

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