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Gmail finally made it easy to unsubscribe from spammers


Scrolling to the bottom of every spam email in search of that tiny “unsubscribe” link is among my least favorite Internet chores, but Google is finally making it a lot easier to never receive spammy emails from all the brands, social networks, and Nigerian princes you’ve courted over the years.

To bring you one step closer to a clutter free inbox, the company announced on its blog this morning that Gmail users will now see a new “unsubscribe” link anytime they receive a bulk email.

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Swizzle Inbox Organizer Turns Your Email Into A Better Shopping Trip [Daily Freebie]


Think your inbox is a dizzying mass of junkmail? The serial entrepreneur who started wants to help you unclutter; not by getting rid of spam, which has been pretty much wiped out at this point — but by allowing you to group or unsubscribe from commercial emails with laser precision.

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Easily Unsubscribe From Those iPad Magazine Subscriptions [iOS Tips]

Easily Unsubscribe From Those iPad Magazine Subscriptions [iOS Tips]

Really, airlines? Do we need to turn off the iPads during takeoff and landing?

There are a few of us iPad users that may have gone a little bit crazy with the Newsstand app when it first came out. We thought it would be super cool to read ALL of our magazines on the iPad, especially when we travel – what better way to avoid paying the per-issue price in the airport magazine stand when we could have the latest issues of our favorite rags all loaded up on our magical iPad? Sounds great, right?

And then we got on the plane, and realized that we still had to turn off all electronic devices before take off, and wait till about 10,000 feet before we could read them. What a bummer. Then, when we tried to figure out how to unsubscribe from the darn things, we realized we were at a loss. We tried going back into the iTunes App store app description, we messed around in Newsstand, all to no avail.

Here’s how to do it, though, with little to no hassle.

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