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Television Tracking App Trak TV Show Gets Universal Support


Watching so much True Detective — among other shows — that you need an iOS app to track what it is that you’ve already seen?

To help with this very quandary, and generally to help you sift through the television trash pile for the hidden gems, TV-tracking app Trak TV Show has just received a major update — adding universal support for optimizing the app for iPad and iPad mini, in addition to iPhone and iPod touch.

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Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker iOS App Adds Universal Support


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal has just been updated with universal support.

The easy-to-use calorie counter features rapid fast food and exercise entry, in addition to the largest food database (over 3 million foods) of any iOS calorie counter.

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WunderMap’s Interactive Map App Now Available On Your iPhone


Interactive map app WunderMap has received a new update, adding universal support (the app was previously designed for iPad only), as well as other neat touches.

These include a full-screen map view, accessible by swiping upwards on the top bar; a completely redesigned display for current conditions, forecasts, and alerts; a simplified interface which combines layer groups and layers to better control what you want to see on your WunderMap; and the ability to “share your weather with your mom” via webcam.

In addition, WunderMap has received a new app icon, and vastly improved performance and memory usage.

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