Amazon Is Negotiating With Record Labels To Launch Its Own iTunes Match Competitor [Report]


iTunes Match expands its reach across Europe.
Coming soon to Amazon?

Amazon is said to be in the final stages of negotiations with record labels over licensing deals that would allow the online retailer to launch a competitor to iTunes Match. It has reportedly reached agreements with Universal Music Group and EMI already, and is now close to wrapping up deals with Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Bros. as well.

Why Is Apple Trying To Suppress The Contents Of Steve Jobs Deposition?

iTunes? That'll never catch on!
Apple refuses to give up Steve Jobs deposition without a fight.
Photo: Apple

Several musicians who are involved in a class action lawsuit with Universal Music Group are demanding to see sensitive documents from a previous case that involved Apple. The documents include trial exhibits, expert reports, and a deposition from Steve Jobs that reportedly caused one judge to order almost everyone out of the courtroom.

Apple sees the material as “highly confidential” and strongly objects to handing it over. But why is the company trying so hard to keep this mysterious document under wraps?