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Create Amazing Sliders For Your WordPress Site With SlideDeck 2 [Deals]

CoM - SlideDeck 2

There are tons of WordPress-based websites out there, and often there is very little that separates the look of one from the look of another. If you’ve been looking for a way to present your content in a beautiful way, then this Cult of Mac Deals offer is for you.

With SlideDeck 2, you can create amazing – and responsive – sliders for your WordPress site. These slidedecks will not only look good, but they’ll be powerful as well…and the price we’re offering is nothing to sneeze at either. That’s because we’ve got SlideDeck 2 for only $59 for a limited time.

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Capture And Convert Webpages Into Images And PDF Files With W3Capture [Freebie]

CoM - wscapturemain

Ever try to take a screenshot of a webpage, but the content extends past the window?

W3Capture is here to help! And Cult of Mac Deals is here to help by letting you have it for absolutely free!

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