New iPhone 6s bend test reveals super-strong aluminum shell


The first iPhone 6s bend test is here.
The first iPhone 6s bend test is here.
Photo: Lewis Hilsenteger

Apple is hoping to avoid another Bendgate controversy by using a new aluminum shell for the iPhone 6s that’s twice as strong as the iPhone 6 version. We got our first look at the super-strong iPhone 6s last week, when Lewis Hilsenteger got his hands on a leaked shell that indicates Apple will use series 7000 aluminum for the upcoming model.

Hilsenteger’s latest video puts the new and improved iPhone 6s aluminum frame to the bend test. Only this time, instead of using his bare hands like he did with the original Bendgate video, Hilsenteger uses sophisticated equipment to give us extra insight into the new case’s super strength.

Here’s proof Bendgate won’t be back with iPhone 6s


Photo: Twitter
Bendgate won't be back again this year.
Photo: Twitter

Apple isn’t going to repeat its Bendgate error for a second year, according to a video posted by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, aka the man who famously bent an iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands.

Hilsenteger got hold of an iPhone 6s backplate, courtesy of renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, and compared it to the original iPhone 6. As he points out, Apple has made key changes to the iPhone design with the aim of learning from its past mistakes.

Check out his video below:

Just how scratch-resistant will your Apple Watch Sport be?


Swatch has an answer for Apple Watch. Photo: Apple
Will it scratch? Photo: Apple

Unlike the sapphire crystal used in the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, the low-end Apple Watch Sport uses a scratch-resistant fortified ion-X glass display to protect your next must-have Apple device from the wear-and-tear of its daily grind. But how does it hold up?

Thanks to Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy we apparently have our answer. Using ion-X glass covers provided by Apple leaker extraordinaire Sonny Dickson, Hilsenteger runs the glass covers through a gauntlet of keys, knives, steel wool, and different types of sandpaper.

You can check out his video below.

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