Thin Plug Makes Huge UK Power Plug Easier To Handle — Almost

The "Thin Plug" will only seem thin if you live in the UK. Photos Fraser Speirs

The UK power plug (and its matching socket) is incredibly safe, just as you’d expect from a country that only allows half-voltage sockets in bathrooms (bathrooms also get string-activated light switches lest your wet hands come near dangerous electricity). The problem is that it’s also big and bulky thanks to the mandatory inclusion of a fuse and an earth (ground) prong in every plug, even those meant for low-power use.

The Thin Plug aims to fix that.

Apple Paid Zero Corporate Tax In UK Last Year Thanks To Loopholes


Seriously, the IRS lets us do all sorts of things.

Apple has been under heavy scrutiny the past few months for its tax practices and off-shore cash pile, but the criticism that Apple isn’t paying enough taxes isn’t likely to stop thanks to a new report that claims Apple paid zero corporate tax in the United Kingdom last year.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Apple was able to avoid paying corporate taxes in the UK last year by using tax deductions from share awards to employees that basically offset the amount of taxes Apple owed through September 2012, all of which is completely legal.