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Twelve South Debuts New And Affordable GhostStand For All MacBook Models

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.01.18 AM

Twelve South, the maker of the BookBook and other fine case and accessories, has debuted a versatile MacBook stand called the GhostStand. The transparent apparatus suspends any MacBook model, and the name implies that you’re not supposed to even know it’s there.

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The HiRise Is The Best Docking Stand For Your iPhone Or iPad, But It’s A Pain To Put Together [Review]

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 3.18.28 PM

An iPhone or iPad dock is a very nice thing to have for keeping one’s desktop regimented and tidy, but they have drawbacks.

HiRise by Twelve South
Category: Docks / Stands
Works With: iPad, iPhone
Price: $35

For one, a dock that you buy for one generation of iPhone might not work if Apple changes the handset design in the next generation. In addition, iPhone and iPad docks tend not to be cross-compatible, so if you have a dock that fits your iPhone, you usually can’t force an iPad into it, and vice versa. And then, of course, there’s the case problem. Docks and cases tend not to play well together, but most of us like to use a case to protect our devices. That means we usually go without a dock.

Twelve South’s latest product, the HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini, is a combination dock and stand that very cleverly finds a way around all of these problems. We love using it, but putting it together? That’s another story.

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Twelve South Introduces Updated SurfacePad For 2013 MacBooks

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 3.37.08 PM

Twelve South, maker of several fine iOS device and Mac accessories, has released an updated version of the SurfacePad for the modern MacBook. The SurfacePad is one of Twelve South’s earliest products, and it has now been optimized for Apple’s 2013 laptops.

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Ten One Design Unveils Magnus Mini Magnetic Stand For iPad Mini


Ten One Design, the creator of the world’s first capacitive touch stylus, has unveiled a new minimalistic stand for the iPad mini today called the Magnus Mini. It’s a smaller version of the Magnus stand for iPad, and it uses “a strong magnetic link” to securely hold your iPad mini in place — with no front lip to intrude on the front of your display.

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The HoverBar By Twelve South Is The Best Mount For Your iPad [Review]


Has your life been graced with a Twelve South product yet? The company’s Mac-only accessories line is imbued with such cleverness, it’s difficult to avoid complete ubiquity in the home or office. While I’m fond of many of their products — I use the PlugBug every day — it was their HoverBar that actually changed my life. All it required was a change in how to use the HoverBar.

HoverBar by Twelve South
Category: Stands
Works With: iPad
Price: $79.95

The intention of the “Tony Stark-inspired” HoverBar is to provide increased screen real estate on the iMac with a cool opposable arm. The mounting brackets fit an iPad 2, 3 or 4, providing the user not just with more screen real estate, but with touchscreen real estate. (Win!) I use an iMac primarily for film editing, so having an iPad near allows me to check email while I have all 27 inches of the iMac devoted to a project. The problem for me is that access to an iPad during this time is just a distraction.

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Twelve South Announces The HiRise, An Elegant Stand For iPhone 5 And iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.57.21 PM

Twelve South, one of Cult of Mac’s favorite accessory makers, has a new stand out called the HiRise. Announced today, the elegant, metallic device is designed for holding the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Like most of Twelve South’s products, the HiRise looks right at home amongst your other Apple products.

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Acase Collatio For iPhone 5: A Great Wallet Case At A Great Price [Review]


The BookBook from Twelve South has long been the best and most luxurious leather wallet case for iPhone, but it has a new contender from Acase that wants to steal its crown. It’s called the Collatio, and in many ways, it’s very similar to the BookBook.

Collatio by Acase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $39.90

As well as holding your iPhone 5, the Collatio holds up to three credit cards, and features a larger pocket for bills, receipts, and anything else you’d like to stuff in there. It provides access to all of your iPhone’s buttons and ports — though you will need to open it up to use the volume buttons and mute switch — plus its front- and rear-facing cameras.

The biggest difference between the Collatio and the BookBook, however, is the price. While Twelve South’s offering will cost you $60, the Collatio is just $40. But is it as good?

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SurfacePad For iPhone Two Months Later: Used, Worn and Broken [Review]

Worn leather looks great... Right up until it falls apart.

Worn leather looks great… Right up until it falls apart.

SurfacePad for iPhone by Twelve South
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $35

Back in February, I reviewed the The SurfacePad from Twelve South and called it the “Best iPhone Case Ever.” And had it stayed pristine and continued working like it did for the first few weeks, that would be it.

But it didn’t. The lovely, minimalist leather cover certainly kept working, but while it might be a great design for something like an iPad, for an iPhone – which is constantly being shoved in and out of pockets – it’s just too fragile. That, and it sucks for taking photos.

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Twelve South Announces BookArc, A Sexy Steel Stand For iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 14.53.13

Twelve South has today announced a new addition to its BookArc family, the BookArc for iPad mini. The arc-shaped steel stand supports your device in both portrait and landscape mode, making it perfect for hands-free use at home or in the office, while its sleek and sexy form factor looks right at home alongside your Mac.

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The SurfacePad Is Pretty Much The Best iPhone Case Ever. Even If You Hate Cases [Review]

The SurfacePad Is Pretty Much The Best iPhone Case Ever. Even If You Hate Cases [Review]

The SurfacePad is the missing iPhone Smart Cover.

Out of all the junk that I own, there are a few objects which I love to use. And I mean “love” on a base, visceral level. These are the things that are so well suited to their tasks that they not only never get in the way, but they make doing that task better.

SurfacePad For iPhone by Twelve South
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 4/S, 5
Price: $35

When I heat milk and cocoa in my small De Buyer saucepan, alone in my quiet kitchen late at night, I smile when I unhook the pan from its hanger and feel its durable heft; I smile again when I pour the cocoa into a thermos and feel the pan’s perfect balance. Even washing it and hanging it up again is a pleasure.

I also love to use my dented, stainless steel Klean Kanteen “Reflect” water bottle. It’s design is so simple, just two pieces of steel, a silicone ring and a bamboo disk, but it does its job so well that I really do take it everywhere with me. And it’s so trustworthy that I’ll toss it into my bag along with my iPad and never worry about it leaking.

Which is to say, some things are not just well designed, they’re actually wonderful objects in their own right. And Twelve South’s SurfacePad for the iPhone is one of those objects.

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