Tweetbot For Mac Gets Gloriously Large Image Thumbnails


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.40.44 PM

Tweetbot for Mac has been updated with large image/video thumbnails to match the recent update to its iOS counterpart. The thumbnail option can be turned off entirely in the display settings, but I’m not sure why you would want to do that because they look great.

The app also supports three finger left/right swipes in the timeline if your Mac’s trackpad is configured that way. Some bugs have been squashed as well, so be sure to get the update in the Mac App Store. Tweetbot costs $20.

Source: Mac App Store

Tweetbot For Mac 1.4.1 Update Fixes The Bugs That Ail You



Tweetbot is probably our favorite Twitter client for iOS, especially after Tweetbot 3 gave the app a major makeover for iOS 7.

It’s also one of our favorite Mac Twitter clients, but it tends to hover a bit behind Tweetbot for iPhone when it comes to features. A new update, however, narrows the gap a little bit, introducing a number of useful bug fixes. Don’t expect a major aesthetic overhaul, though.

Tweetbot For Mac Updated With A Killer New Feature: Notifications For Specific Users



Tweetbot for Mac has received a great new feature for keeping track of specific accounts. You can now receive custom notifications for individual Twitter users.

The app has also been updated with the ability to choose what kind of notifications appear in the dock or menubar icon. There’s timeline thumbnail support for Vine and Flickr, and a lot more.

Tweetbot For Mac Updated With Safari Reading List Support, J/K Navigation


Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 5.09.10 PM

Tweetbot for Mac received a little update today in the Mac App Store. The developers at Tapbots have added integration with Safari’s Reading List feature. Like Pocket and Instapaper, you can now save links found in Tweetbot and send them directly to Apple’s iCloud-based read later service. You can login to Reading List using your iCloud credentials in the Tweetbot for Mac preferences pane. The articles you save can be viewed directly in Safari on any iOS 6 or OS X Mountain Lion device.