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Comcast’s Time Warner Cable Acquisition Throws Apple TV Partnership Into Doubt


Comcast, the number one cable provider in the U.S., has announced that it plans to acquire Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable firm in the U.S., for a reported $45 billion.

The deal — set to be officially announced later today — will see Comcast offer $158.82 per share in an all-stock deal.

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Time Warner Cable Wants Apple To Put TWC TV App On Apple TV


Time Warner Cable is in talks with Apple to sign a video streaming deal for some of its content. After the successful launch of its TWC TV app on Roku devices this past March, Time Warner Cable announced that it’s trying to get ink more deals.

Speaking at an investors conference in London on June 4, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt told investors that the company wants to strike deals with Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung:

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Nooly is a New Hyper-Accurate, Hyper-Local Weather App [Daily Freebie]


There are weather apps, and then there are weather apps; Nooly is, apparently, the latter. Nooly is so accurate, its press release claims, the app “is capable of predicting the exact minute it will rain or snow and can do so effectively, wherever you are, for every 0.4 square miles.” That’s pretty precise.

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Time Warner Cable Brings Back Fox and Discovery to iPad App

Time Warner Cable Brings Back Fox and Discovery to iPad App

Just a few weeks after various Fox and Discovery channels were removed from Time Warner Cable’s iPad app, they’re back. Not only that, but some other channels were added, such as Wedding Central and the Military History Channel.

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