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WSJ: Amazon To Launch Apple TV Competitor For The Holidays


Amazon is gearing up to launch a new set-top box that hopes to compete with the Apple TV and other video streaming devices this holiday,¬†The Wall Street Journal¬†reports. It’s understood the device is small and resembles a Roku, and it will run apps and provide content from a variety of sources, including Amazon’s own Prime service.

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Netflix Update Brings HD Streaming, AirPlay Support To iOS 7


The Netflix app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has been updated to bring high-definition video streaming to devices running iOS 7. The release also adds support for AirPlay, and some improvements and optimizations that make the app more stable under Apple’s latest software.

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It’s Not Just You: TV Shows Category Mysteriously Disappears From Apple TV


If you’ve been wondering why the TV Shows icon on your Apple TV has suddenly vanished today, you are not alone. We’ve been getting tips for the past several hours from readers who can’t access the TV Shows category of the iTunes Store on their Apple TVs, with some complaints being as old as this morning.

What’s odd is that Apple’s status page for cloud services hasn’t mentioned the outage yet. The TV Shows section of the iTunes Store seems to be working for most on the desktop, so maybe it’s just a bad glitch. We’ll update this post once Apple acknowledges the issue.

Hulu Unveils Brand New iPad App Focused On Discoverability


Hulu has unveiled a brand new Hulu Plus app for that’s been completely redesigned to focus on “discoverability, efficiency, and our overall user experience.” The company hopes that the change will make it easier for users to find their favorite shows and discover new ones.

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Apple Has Now Sold More Than 100 Million iPod Touch Units


Following the launch of its new cheaper iPod touch this morning, Apple has confirmed that it has now sold more than 100 million units of the iPod touch since its introduction back in 2007. That makes it one of the Cupertino company’s most popular products to date.

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500 Million iTunes Users Are Spending $40 A Year On Average [Report]


iTunes users spend an average of $40 a year on digital content, according to the latest report from Asymco’s Horace Dedio. And with more than 500 million users, Apple is raking in over $5.5 billion in iTunes sales revenue every single quarter.

That’s more than some technology companies see in total, and Apple’s making it on just one service.

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Apple Celebrates A Decade Of iTunes By Highlighting 10 Year’s Worth Of Chart-Toppers


The iTunes Store celebrates its tenth anniversary this month, and Apple is marking the occasion with a new promotion called “A Decade of iTunes.” iTunes users can enjoy a timeline that recognizes key moments throughout the store’s history, as well as a look back at ten year’s worth of chart-topping tracks and albums.

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FireCore Brings Integration To aTV Flash (Black) For Apple TV [Jailbreak]

FireCore Brings Integration To aTV Flash (Black) For Apple TV [Jailbreak]

Everyone should have aTV Flash on their Apple TV.

One of the reasons most of us jailbreak our Apple TV is to install aTV Flash (black), a terrific piece of software from FireCore that adds a ton of incredible features to your set-top box. In its latest update, aTV Flash delivers a number of features, including integration for those who never know what to watch.

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Apple Brings The iTunes Store To 12 Additional Countries In Asia Today

Apple Brings The iTunes Store To 12 Additional Countries In Asia Today

The iTunes Store extends its reach across Asia today.

Just days after opening the App Store to 32 additional countries, Apple released a press release this morning to announce that the iTunes Store is also extending its reach to another nine countries in Asia today, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

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How To Get New TV Shows On Your iPad, Automatically [How-To]


This is what you're competing with when you comet with free

This is an article about using BitTorrent with other OS X apps to automate the downloading and converting of TV shows, adding metadata and then transferring them to your iPad to be watched. Some of you will rage that this is immoral, illegal (in your country) or both. Others will say that BitTorrent is, like, totally legit and is used every day for, like, downloading Linux builds, man.

I don’t care. What I do care about is watching TV Shows on my iPad, complete with subtitles, metadata, cover art and converted into a format that won’t kill the battery whilst playing back. I would buy these from the iTunes Store if I could, but as I live in Spain, I can’t. Here’s how to do it yourself.

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