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Check Out Apple’s New TV Ads For iPhone 5 And EarPods [Video]

Apple has released four new TV spots, and three of them tout the brand new iPhone 5. One ad is specifically devoted to EarPods, highlighting the design process Apple went through to create its new earphones.

Unlike the failed Genius ads from the Olympics, these 4 new ads feel much more like classic Apple. Each iPhone 5 spot is 30 seconds and focuses on a particular aspect of the device.

We’ve embedded the other two iPhone 5 ads and the EarPods ad below:

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Use Super PAC App To Find Out Who Is Funding Political Ads

Use Super PAC App To Find Out Who Is Funding Political Ads

Promoting transparency for all politically funded ads, whatever side they’re on.

Curious about who, exactly, is behind the growing number of TV ads for and against this or that political candidate, this or that political issue? Well, wonder no longer, as the developers behind Super PAC App bring Shazam-like audio recognition technology to the political advertisement space.

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Apple Plugs Lion in New iPad 2 TV Ad Called ‘We’ll Always’

Screen Shot 2011 07 25 at 07 24 48

Apple has just launched its latest iPad 2 TV commercial called ‘We’ll Always’, which features a subtle little plug for its latest operating system.

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Are These the iPhone 4’s Final TV Ads?

Screen Shot 2011 07 11 at 09 09 30

Apple has launched two new TV ads for the iPhone that could potentially be the last to feature the iPhone 4. Demonstrating FaceTime and AirPlay, the ads continue the “If you don’t have an iPhone…” campaign which started back in March.

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Check Out Apple’s New iPad TV Ad: It’s Iconic [Video]

Apple’s new TV commercial for the iPad shows how versatile the device is. The iPad is… for students, teachers, for news, for reading. the iPad is.. iconic.