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Apple Airs First TV Ad For iPhone 5s, And It’s All Gold [Video]


Aside from some print ads, Apple’s advertising for the iPhone 5s has been quite scare compared to the iPhone 5c. Multiple iPhone 5c ads have aired on TV already, but the 5s hasn’t gotten any TV attention. Today the first ad dedicated to the iPhone 5s was finally released. The title is “Metal Mastered.”

As you can imagine, it’s all about the gold model, and the song is even by an artist named Goldfrapp. How appropriate. Liquid gold slowly forms into an iPhone like a Terminator, and the gold Touch ID ring around the home button is placed last as the finishing act.

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Apple Posts New TV Ad, ‘Photos Every Day,’ On YouTube Channel [Video]

Now that’s pretty. Apple just posted a HD video of its new, poignant TV ad, “Photos Every Day,” on its YouTube Channel.

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Apple Airs New Hollywood Themed iPad TV Ad During Oscars [Video]

As the company is known to do during high profile TV events, Apple aired a new ad during tonight’s Academy Awards. The ad was appropriately themed for filmmakers. Various iPad apps were shown off with the taglines “lights,” “camera,” and “action.”

This ad is very similar to the two iPad TV spots Apple aired last week, “Alive” and “Together.”

Apple Posts New iPad Mini TV Ad: I’ll Be Home [Video]

Apple just posted its new iPad mini ad, “I’ll Be Home,” in which an adorable young girl, shown on an iPad, plays “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on the ukulele via FaceTime to her Grandfather, who is shown on an iPad mini.

It’s thirty seconds of holiday cheer, presented without comment or text, with only an Apple logo and some suggestion of snow at the very end. It’s a sweet little video, and honestly, Apple, you had me at ukulele music.