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iOS Hacker Pod2g Releases PodDJ, His First iOS App [Video]


pod2g, an iOS hacker famous for his many jailbreaks, most recently the Absinth 2.0 release for devices running iOS 5.1.1, has released today released his first iOS app. It’s called podDJ, and it turns your iPad into “the most realistic virtual turntable you have ever seen,” allowing you to mix and scratch any track in your iTunes library.

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Use Your iPhone Camera To Make Interactive 3-D Models Of Real Objects

Arqball Spin is a curious mix of hardware and software, with a very niche but very cool purpose: to create interactive 3-D photos. By combining an iOS app with a hardware turntable, Arqball is able to “film” a spinning object and then render it as a touchable 3-D model which can be spun using your fingers.

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