Record your every mile with an 8GB dashcam, and more [Week’s Newest Deals]

Charge your Apple Watch in style with the meticulously engineered NightStand.
Charge your Apple Watch in style with the meticulously engineered NightStand.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

This week brought with it a great crop of deals on gears and gadgets, and there are some brand new ones you might have missed. We’ve got a sleek nightstand for your Apple Watch, an app that will keep your writing error free, a versatile tripod for your cell phone, and a high res dashcam with a massive 8GB drive. That’s a lot to sort through, get digging:

How To Take Long Exposure Photographs On Your iPhone [Feature]



The iPhone has quickly become the most popular camera in the world simply because it’s the camera that’s always on you. Even though the iPhone’s camera doesn’t have anywhere near the same features and tools as a DSLR, that doesn’t mean you can’t squeak out some extra performance out of your iPhone to get pictures that look like a pro shot them.

Long exposures are a basic staple of most DSLR photographers, but thanks to some awesome apps for iOS, iPhone users can join in the fun too without having to spend hundreds of dollars on gear. In this guide we’re going to teach you about all of the gear and apps you need to take long exposure photos with your iPhone. 

Manfrotto Makes Good Carbon Fiber Affordable With Their New 290-Series Tripod [Review]



Carbon fiber tripods are great, aren’t they? They’re slim on weight, and if they’re built well, are steady as an oak. Problem is, good ones can cost $600-$800 dollars, and unless you’re regularly shooting for cash, it’s hard to justify spending that kind of cheese.

So when Manfrotto asked me to check out their 290-series MT294C3 carbon fiber tripod ($250 legs only, $319 with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head as I reviewed it) I pointed at them, stroked my mustache, and said, absolutely. Manfrotto’s a known name in the photo world, but would their new series of affordable carbon-hewn tripods be worthy of their pedigree? I set out to see.