Apple Watch gets trademarked in Europe


Picture: Apple
Picture: Apple

While the rest of us were celebrating the unveiling of Apple’s much-anticipated smart watch on Tuesday, Apple’s European legal team was busy rushing to file six trademark applications for the name “Apple Watch.”

Of these applications, four featured the Apple logo in front of the word “Watch,” while the other two referred to the two words “Apple Watch.”

Apple’s legal firm filed the trademarks under a total of 11 International Classes for protection and clarification, covering areas including financial transactions, fitness and wellness sensors, and more.

Apple Uses Shell Company To Trademark The Term ‘iWatch’


Everyone and their brother (if their brother’s Steve Wozniak) is excited about the possibility of Apple’s iWatch — the first bona fide new product line launched under the watch (no pun intended) of Tim Cook.So far, definitive details about Apple’s debut in the wearables market have been few and far between. Everyone’s banking on a massive winner, but just what do we know — or think we know — about Apple’s first smartwatch? Scroll through the gallery to find out.
Photo: Todd Hamilton
(Credit: Todd Hamilton)

Another piece of the “when will Apple release the iWatch” puzzle may have fallen in to place, with the news that Apple is actively pursuing the iWatch trademark in dozens of countries around the globe.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Apple if it was that straightforward.

Rather than trademarking the term itself, Apple appears to be using a shell company called Brightflash USA LLC to do the work on its behalf.

The firm is registered in Delaware, and has previously been tied to trademarking efforts by Apple. One indicator of the connection between Apple and Brightflash is that it is using the same IP attorney in several locations.