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Tile Raises $2.6M, Surpasses Lockitron As Most Successful Selfstarter Campaign


We were impressed enough with Tile’s unique take on the Bluetooth-enabled tracking device to realize that its little gizmo was going to take off like a Saturn V rocket.

Indeed, Tile has now become the most successful Selfstarter campaign by blowing past Lockitron, who created the open-source crowdfunding alternative after their smartphone-connected door lock was rejected by Kickstarter.

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Pulse Is A Tiny Touch-Screened Fitness Tracker With Smart iOS Support [Review]

Pulse Is A Tiny Touch-Screened Fitness Tracker With Smart iOS Support [Review]

Ready for night or day: Withings’ Pulse

Connected gadgets are the hotness in tech right now. It seems like everyone is trying to track your activity during the day and your sweet sweet R.E.M.’s during the dark of night.

Pulse by Withings
Category: Fitness
Works With: iPhone, iPod Touch
Price: $100

Withings, makers of the Smart Scale and other connected tech., is now ready to join the world of fitness tracking with their new Pulse—a teensy little thing—which tracks your daily steps, pulse, sleep, and with its built-in sensors, even the altitudes you traverse. But there’s more to the story here than basic tracking; with historic data available on its touch-enabled screen and astute iOS integration via the Withings app, the Pulse is a talented first offering from Withings, and an easy fitness tracker to recommend.

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LIT Tracker Measures Big Air, McTwists And General Rad-Ness


Remember when your phone seemed neat because it could actually tell you where you were on a map? That seems pretty quaint now that the gyroscopes and compasses and magic location beetles [1] not only tell our photons where they are, but how they’re moving and even which direction they’re pointed in.

And now that same quantum leap is about to happen in the world of personal fitness trackers. Oh boy.

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Tracker App Hunts Down Great Free iOS Games

Free app hero

Free-App Hero is a clever tracker for good quality free games on the iOS App Store. Note the use of the words “good quality” there; Free-App Hero has an editorial team that’s fussy, and cares about the recommendations it makes.

So they won’t recommend rubbish games, or ad-supported games, or games that start good but get worse, or games that claim to be free but turn out to be useless without an in-app purchase.

All they’re interested in is finding the good free stuff, and passing it on to you.

Free-App Hero isn’t free, but neither is it expensive. And if you really don’t want to pay for it, the Cheapskate Edition is just as effective.

As a direct result of downloading Free-App Hero, I’m now completely obsessed with King of Tennis, which is probably the most bonkers game I’ve ever seen. Great fun, though. And that’s what Free-App Hero is all about; delivering fun.