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‘Asphaleia’ Jailbreak Tweak Empowers Touch ID To Lock Any App


Most of the apps on my iPhone that I would want password protected already are, but what happens when I want an added layer of security? That’s where Asphaleia comes in, a new jailbreak tweak from the same designer behind the Auxo multitasking switcher for iOS 6.

Not only does Asphaleia let you use Touch ID on the iPhone 5s to secure any app, but it adds other important security options to iOS with a level of polish that is unprecedented for a jailbreak tweak of its kind.

While Asphaleia is probably a little overboard in terms of catering to the security paranoia some of us deal with, it’s a good example of improvements Apple could make to Touch ID in the future.

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iOS 7.1 Is Available To Download Now


Apple has just started rolling out its latest iOS 7.1 update with performance improvements, design tweaks, and more. This is the first major update we’ve seen since iOS 7 made its debut last September, and it’s available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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How To Make Touch ID More Reliable [iOS Tips]


If you’re one of the millions of people who went out and got themselves an iPhone 5s recently, you might notice that sometimes Touch ID doesn’t work on the first try. While most people haven’t had an issue with the new biometric fingerprint scanner, some have.

Luckily, there’s a pretty straightforward way to make it much more reliable.

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BioUnlock Lets You Use Touch ID To Unlock Your Mac [Jailbreak]


While Touch ID saves you the pain of writing in a passcode to unlock your iPhone, until now Mac users haven’t been afforded the same ease of use.

A new jailbreak feature is looking to change that, however, since it gives users the opportunity of using their iPhone 5s’ Touch ID feature to unlock their Mac computer.

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Jailbreak Tweak Uses Touch ID On iPhone 5s To Unlock Individual Apps

Apple lets Touch ID be used to unlock the iPhone and make purchases through the iTunes Store, but jailbreakers have other ideas.

Apple lets Touch ID be used to unlock the iPhone and make purchases through the iTunes Store, but jailbreakers have other ideas.

Since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, one of the hottest new iOS hardware features that hackers have been looking to utilize is Touch ID in the iPhone 5s. For example, a tweak was just recently released that allows jailbreakers to use Touch ID to simulate pressing the home button.

The coolest use of Touch ID I’ve seen in a jailbreak tweak so far is AppLocker, which was updated to version 2.2 today in Cydia with 64-bit and iPhone 5s support. The premise is simple: AppLocker lets you lock individual iOS apps (stock or third-party) with a password. On the 5s, you can now use Touch ID to unlock.

Here’s a hands-on look:

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Does Touch ID Decay Over Time?


Although not a new technology by any means, fingerprint scanners have historically been hamstrung by issues that have caused their sensors to degrade relatively rapidly, no longer being able to correctly read a fingerprint after only a few months.

When Apple introduced Touch ID with the iPhone 5s, they claimed to have solved that problem. Protected by nigh-indestructible Sapphire Glass, the Touch ID sensor is supposed to be able to read the curves and contours of your fingerprints at a resolution of up to 500 pixels per inch. But could Touch ID be just as susceptible to degradation issues over time as previous biometrics solutions?

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Waterproof iPhone 5S Case Lets You Keep Using Touch ID


The Atlas ID is a waterproof case for your iPhone 5S that lets you use the Touch ID sensor even while the iPhone is in the case (although both you finger and the button cover need to be dry for it to work). However, you can still use the regular unlock when the screen is wet, and you’ll be having so much fun snapping underwater picks that you won;t care anyway.

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Sketchy iPad Mini 3 With Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Spotted In Asia [Image]


The third-generation iPad mini and second-generation iPad Air will have Touch ID, there’s no doubt. Just like Siri — a feature that debuted in an ‘S’ year for the iPhone — took a year to creep to the iPad, TouchID will have a year’s exclusivity before it comes to Apple’s line-up of tablets.

Don’t hold your breath, though. We’re almost a year away from Touch ID coming to the iPad mini. So you should take this picture of a ‘leaked’ iPad mini 3 with Touch ID with super pessimism.

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Thanks To Touch ID, The Smartphone Fingerprint Scanner Market Is Booming


The iPhone 5s wasn’t the first smartphone to offer a fingerprint scanner, but it’s undoubtedly the most popular one to date. In fact, it’s so popular that Touch ID is now driving massive growth in the smartphone fingerprint scanner market, with sales of fingerprint scanning handsets expected to reach 525 million units in 2017.

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Apple Pairs Every Touch ID Sensor To Its A7 Chip To Make Them Super Secure


If you picked up a new iPhone 5s this year, you’d better take good care of its home button, because you can no longer pick up a cheap replacement on eBay and fit it yourself. The repair experts at mendmyi have discovered that Apple pairs every Touch ID sensor with an A7 chip, and if you install a home button that doesn’t match up, Touch ID simply won’t work.

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