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Use A Gesture To Go “Back” In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Swipe to go Back

One slick feature of Android handsets is the back button. No matter what app you’re in or what screen you’re on, you should be–in theory–able to back out the way you came. It’s tremendously helpful.

With iOS 7 beta, Apple has quietly introduced a gesture that does the same thing, and it seems to work in most apps like Safari, Mail, and Settings. Here’s how to make it work.

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Five Hidden Secrets In iOS 7 Beta On The iPhone [Feature]

iOS 7 Beta On iPhones

iOS 7 beta is fresh out of the gate, and already we’re finding a bunch of hidden and new features bundled into Apple’s latest revolution in mobile operating system software for iPhone. While we can’t guarantee these will work the same way–or even exist, to be honest–when iOS 7 comes out for real this coming fall, it’s a ton of fun dropping into the features and playing around a bit.

Be sure you don’t use iOS 7 beta for anything mission critical, as it’s still not quite ready for prime time, and it could mess your data up in some way unexpected.

That said, let’s look at five hidden secrets in the new beta for iOS 7, shall we?

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Design Your Own Custom Movie Subtitles In iOS 7

Years ago, I submitted a bug report to Apple. The problem? Teeny, tiny subtitles in the iOS Videos app, so small that even an eagle with binoculars couldn’t read them. I got a mail from Apple to follow up, and then, just one or two releases later, subtitles got big enough to read (the Lady and I have different native tongues so we usually watch everything with subs).

Now, in iOS 7, they’re not only big but completely customizable.

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OS X Mavericks Now Shows Which Apps Are Sucking Power

OS X Mavericks has some crazy new power-saving technologies, as demoed yesterday at the WWDC Keynote. Most of these are system-based: the OS stops wasting CPU cycles running animations that are hidden behind another window, for example. But some, like this neat addition to the battery menu, are about advising the user what’s sucking the juice.

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Hack T-Mobile To Make Your iPhone 5 Even Faster [How-To]


T-Mobile finally has the iPhone 5. It’s great, and cheap, but unfortunately its data speeds are slower than an iPhone 5 on AT&T. Not satisfied with their slower iPhone 5s, Joseph Brown and Sky Zangas did some digging around in carrier update files and figured out a way to boost data speeds on the T-Mobile iPhone 5.

To get faster data speeds on T-Mobile’s network with the iPhone 5 all you have to do is install a custom carrier update. That sounds like a tough task, but it’s actually pretty easy, and thanks to the guys at TmoNews, here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

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How Does Mailbox For iPhone Work With The Gmail Web Client? [iOS Tips]

gmail mailbox integration

One of the advantages of Mailbox only working with Gmail is that a lot of the conventions you’re already used to are present in this fantastic on-the-go email app for your iPhone. If you spend a lot of time on your iPhone using Mailbox, you might have wondered what it does with your mail when you archive, set to later, or add to a list.

Well, it’s really quite simple.

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System Service To Save Text to In Mountain Lion

New note sshot

When you think about it, it seems absurd that there’s no way to add the currently highlighted text on your Mac to your notes. The Notes app, which is the spiritual successor to Stickies, with the advantage of a) not clogging up your screen with yellow squares and b) syncing with your iPhone and iPad, is pretty great. But it lacks, inexplicably, a way to quickly clip the selected text.

This little System Service, which runs an Applescript, will fix that for you.

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Use Siri To Search Your Notes

Use Siri To Search Your Notes

Nope, I don’t know what “Paris corot porn” means either. Still, thanks for remembering it for me, Siri.

Did you know you can search your iPhone’s notes using Siri? Neither did I. But according to Dave Caolo at 52 Tiger, you can not only get Siri to flip through your notes for you, you can even find notes from a particular day.

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Here’s A Volume Trick For Mac That Will Change Your Life


You can adjust your Mac’s volume in 1/4 increments by pressing Shift + Option + Volume button

Find the perfect volume level on your Mac can be tricky sometimes when you’re listening to music or watching a movie. Sometimes it’s like you move your volume one tick up things get too loud, one tick down and it’s too soft.

Until today I never knew that you can actually adjust your Mac’s volume in 1/4 increments by pressing Shift + Option (Alt) + the volume key on your keyboard. It’ll raise your volume at smaller increments so you can find the perfect level. Try it out. You’ll probably never just use the old buttons again.

Mastering The Option Key On Your OS X Mac [Feature]


The Option key is a powerful ally in the transition from new, beginner user of OS X to the power user that you want to be. There are a ton of hidden features in the Finder alone that are hidden behind the underrated and unassuming Option key. There are Option key tricks for the OS X Menu Bar, for apps in the iWork suite, in Safari, and a few more random ones to boot.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to hit that Option key a whole bunch of times in a row.

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