Pro Tip: The secret meaning of Apple Watch notifications shapes


Apple Watch notifications siri
When it comes to Apple Watch notifications, round is better.
Photo: Apple

Pro Tip Cult of Mac bugIf you’ve not paying really close attention to your Apple Watch notifications, you might have missed out on a really subtle and clever design decision the company built into them.

It turns out that Apple uses two different shapes for its watch Apple Watch notification badges. And here’s why.

Cast a dark shadow with iOS 9.1’s hidden emoji


Left Speech Bubble iOS 9.1 emoji
Well, you tell us.
"Drawing": Evan Killham

Pro Tip Cult of Mac bugYou’re probably excited about all of the fun new emoji characters that you just got in iOS 9.1, but one of the new additions won’t show up on any of your keyboards.

The “Left Speech Bubble” emoji isn’t part of the official canon yet, but Apple went ahead and added it, anyway. Here’s what it looks like and how to add it to your pictorial lexicon.

How to fix iOS 9’s Slide to Upgrade bug


It's time to get ready for your iOS 9 upgrade.
You did back everything up, right?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Some users trying to upgrade to iOS 9 this week have run into a serious problem: After the download happens, they find themselves stuck on the “Slide to Upgrade” screen upon restart. This bug renders their iPhones unusable, which is about the least useful state for an iPhone to be in.

But Apple has noticed, and it’s offering a fix. Here’s what you do to fix the annoying Slide to Upgrade bug.

Pro Tip: New emoji aren’t out for iOS 9 yet


How will we express this emotion?!
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

Pro Tip Cult of Mac bugSome iPhone and iPad users upgrading to iOS 9 today have been looking forward to expressing their love of tacos, burritos, and unicorns — and their disdain for everything else — using the much-touted new emojis, which include the coveted and versatile “middle finger” icon.

But unfortunately for those folks, we’re going to have to wait a little longer to start flipping things the bird.