Tim Cook calls racist Apple Store incident ‘unacceptable’


Tim Cook doesn't like the idea of a MaciPad.
Tim Cook doesn't like the idea of a MaciPad.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook has weighed in on the Apple Store accused of racially discriminating against six black students who were barred from the store because security felt that they might steal something.

In an email sent to all Apple employees this morning the CEO called the situation ‘unacceptable.’ Cook said he thinks the Highpoint store issue was an isolated incident, but notified employees that leadership teams will be ‘refreshing their training on inclusion and customer engagement,’ starting with Australia.

Read Cook’s full email below:

Apple PR springs into action following Cook’s Microsoft diss


The Ministry of Truth has spoken.
Photo: Apple

Apple PR has sprung into “damage control” mode after Tim Cook uncharacteristically fired verbal shots at Microsoft yesterday — reportedly telling a crowd in Ireland that Microsoft’s attempts to create “hybrid” laptops is, “deluded.”

What is being claimed is that Cook didn’t mean to say “deluded” at all, but instead “diluted” — which is still a diss, but without the insinuations that the good folks at Microsoft are a few sandwiches short of a picnic if they think the Surface will ever be a hit.

From iPad Pro to privacy: 8 things we learned from Tim Cook’s latest interview


Tim Cook was ranked the nation's top CEO by ExecRank.
Tim Cook talks all things Apple.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Tim Cook is in my home country of Jolly Old Blighty (read: the U.K.) at the moment, promoting the imminent launch of the iPad Pro.

While there, he’s given an interview to the Telegraph newspaper, in which Apple’s CEO touches on everything from the new Apple TV to the U.K.’s rumored “snooper’s charter” to, of course, Apple’s super-sized tablet.

Check out the lessons we learned below.

Tim Cook insists Apple Pencil is not a mere stylus


Tim ditched his Mac for the iPad Pro.
Tim ditched his Mac for the iPad Pro.
Photo: Olivier Hess/The Independent

Tim Cook loves the new iPad Pro so much it’s the only product he travels with now, other than his iPhone.

In a new interview talking about the benefits of the new big-screened iPad, the Apple CEO trumpeted the iPad Pro’s productivity thanks to new multi-tasking software in iOS 9 complimented by the new keyboard and Apple Pencil. Some detractors have dismissed Apple Pencil as a just a fancy stylus, but Cook insists it’s a much more revolutionary product than that.

Custom Lego minifigs put Jobs, Woz, and Cook on your desk


Apple custom Lego minis
If you really wanted, you could stage your own Apple keynote address in Lego form.
Photo: FamousBrick

A company that specializes in making Lego-ized versions of tech-world giants is offering minifigures based on Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, current CEO Tim Cook, and some people who work for other companies, if you want to be all diverse about it.

The figures won’t even set you back that much, really. Depending on how much you value plastic that looks like people.