Real Tilt Shift Camera Miniaturizes Anything



We’re used to cheap software mimicking expensive hardware, and nowhere has that been truer than with tilt-shift photography. What was once an effect needing super-expensive and unwieldy architectural camera gear is now a free filter in many free apps.

But the trend sometimes goes the other way. Here’s the Tilt Shift camera from Photojojo, an actual physical digital camera with a tilt-shift lens. For $150.

Wood Camera: Another Capable, Useful Camera App To Add To Your Collection [Review]

Live filters and more...
Live filters and more...

We’re spoilt for choice for camera apps these days, so any newcomers on the scene have to prove themselves somewhat. They face tough competition.

Bright Mango’s Wood Camera, despite its odd name, stands up to its rivals well. It’s a useful multi-function camera with live image filters and an understated, speedy interface.

TiltShift Generator Now Shoots Photos With iPad 3’s Camera

The interface, and the result
The interface, and the result

TiltShift Generator is one of the old school of iPad photo-editing apps, and has just been updated to play nice with the iPad 3’s Retina Display. But that’s not all. You can now shoot images directly into the app, which has the effect of making this one of the first iPad-native, Retina-ready photo shooting apps around. And while the preview of the image is a little weird, it takes some pretty great shots.