GIFtastic map shows the 6 sad states that still don’t have an Apple Store

Credit: ifoAppleStore
Credit: ifoAppleStore

Critics slammed Steve Jobs when he opened the first Apple Store nearly 13 years ago, but now that Apple’s retail space makes more money per square foot than Tiffany’s, everyone from Samsung to Microsoft has been trying to duplicate Apple’s success.

To see just how quickly Apple Stores have invaded the U.S., Retale created an interactive map that plots each new store opening since 2001. Each blue dot in the GIF above represents a new store opening, starting with the original Apple Store in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

254 Apple Stores now dot the country with an additional 170 outlets open internationally, but six sad states in U.S. are still waiting for their first Apple shrines to open. Check out Retale’s site for a full breakdown on when each store opened and the flagship products that brought customers into Steve’s aluminum and glass utopias.

Apple Stores Make Twice As Much Revenue Per Square Foot Than Any Other Store In The U.S.



Apple’s retail stores are ridiculously successful. For the last few years Apple Stores have been the top performing retail locations in the world in terms of revenue per square foot.

This year Apple Stores earned twice as much revenue as the next most profitable retail chain, Tiffany & Co. RetailSails  analyzed the world’s top performing brick-and-mortar U.S. retail chains and found that Apple Stores averaged $6,050 in sales per square feet, while Tiffany & Co. earned $3,017 per square feet.