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KitCam Update Lets You Take Better Photos In Low Light, Adds New Features


KitCam has become one of my favorite photography apps for the iPhone, and it continues to improve with every update. The latest promises to bring you better low-light photos, and a number of nifty new features — including a front-facing flash, TIFF support, live exposure, and more.

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645 Pro Takes The Best iPhone Photos You Have Ever Seen [Review]

645 Pro bills itself as an app which will turn your iPhone into a DSLR. At first glance, it seems like this has been achieved by mimicking the buttons and LCD panel of a modern SLR, and to an extent that’s true. But the real meat here is under the hood: 645 Pro shoots uncompressed JPEGs and TIFFs, and gives the closest that we’re likely to see to RAW images from the iPhone’s camera.

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