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The Contact Sheet, A Pocketable ‘Picnic’ Blanket For Photographers

contact sheet

I don’t know what I like most about MindShift’s new Contact Sheet: its name or its purpose. The Contact Sheet (named after a sheet of photographic paper showing all the photos from a roll of film, printed by putting the film right on top of the paper and flashing it with light) is a kind of fancy lightweight tarp for photographers.

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Airport Commuter: A Compact Camera Bag With Space For Your Macbook And Your iPad [Review]

Thank tank airport commuter 1

Think Tank’s new Airport Commuter camera bag ($199) is something of a paradox: Though it’s the size of a normal backpack, it manages to fit an abnormal amount of glass, gear, a full-size a Macbook Pro, and an iPad.

But could such a compact bag hold so many precious items in harmony? I packed it up, strapped it on, and set out to find out.

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On Trains, Planes, Or Automobiles, Airport International Keeps Your Camera Gear Safe [Review]

Think Tank International

The Think Tank International is ready for stow in a carry-on compartment near you.

A mere 6 months ago, I moved my glut of photography gear into a new, portable home: the Think Tank AirPort International Rolling Camera Bag ($350). Since then, I’ve been able to tote my equipment around easily, in style, but most importantly, packed snugly in a vault of total security.

I immediately loved it.

But as with most reviews, time tells how a piece of gear will really work. And now, with six months of carting the Airport International to and fro, I’m ready to report how it has performed over the long haul.

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Think Tank’s Retrospective 5 Is Still My Favorite DSLR Day Bag [Re-Review]

Think Tank’s Retrospective 5 Is Still My Favorite DSLR Day Bag [Re-Review]

Retrospective 5 from Think Tank

Back in early April, I got to review the Retrospective 5 messenger-style camera bag from Think Tank Photo.

I loved it.

But you know how it is; using something for several months offers a lot more perspective than merely reviewing it for one or two weeks. So I decided to give the Think Tank Retrospective 5 another look, and with six months of use under my belt, I’m ready to tell you how it’s really performed.

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Think Tank Retrospective 7, A Stealthy Camera Bag With An iPad Pocket


The low-profile Retrospective series now comes ready for your iPad

The Retrospective 7 is another one in Think Tank’s great lineup of stealthy-ish camera bags. This one distinguishes itself by slapping a pocket on the side which is designed to hold an iPad or an 11-inch MacBook Air.

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Carry Your Camera Gear Across The World With The Think Tank International [Review]

Think Tank International

The Think Tank International is ready for stowing in a carry-on compartment near you

The International ($350), from Think Tank Photo, is similar to every other piece of rolling luggage you’ve probably used, with a retractable handle and rolling wheels, but on the inside, instead of keeping your dirty drawers stowed, it secures treasures of a different kind: your plethora of expensive camera gear. And it does so admirably.

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