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The Executive Promises Werewolf-Bashing Action For iOS [Video]

Wonder what it would look like if Tim Cook (or a similarly high-powered executive) was forced to augment their usual duties by battling lycanthropes? Riverman Media may just have an answer for you.

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The Executive, The Perfect iPad Keyboard/Stand For Sweaty, Nylon-Suited Businessmen


“The Executive.” The very name brings to mind leather cellphone accessories, oversized black onyx desks and “business class” seats on a 737, which consist of a curtain between you and the oiks, an inch of extra legroom and a terrible, plastic-wrapped breakfast to shove into your gullet during the 25 minutes of non-restricted flight time.

And “The Executive” is also the name of a Bluetooth keyboard designed — presumably — for using in those cramped “business class” seats.

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