Apple’s iMessage Encryption Is So Good Not Even Federal Agencies Can Crack It



Do you ever worry that federal agencies might be hacking into your smartphone to read your text messages and listen to your calls? Then you’re probably up to no good, but you can sleep easy if all of your dirty business deals are carried out through iMessage on your iOS device.

Apple’s iMessage encryption is so good, not even federal agencies are able to crack it.

AutoResponder 2 Brings Support For iOS 6, Gets 50% For A Limited Time [Jailbreak]



AutoResponder, the popular jailbreak tweak that allows users to set up automatic replies to incoming text messages, has today been updated to introduce support for devices running Apple’s latest iOS 6 firmwares. Now called AutoResponder 2, the tweak also has 50% off for a limited time for those who haven’t yet purchased it.

Change The Number Of Repeated Message Alerts On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


Repeat Alerts

One of the wacky things you may notice if you’ve just gotten a new iPhone is the default double alert whenever you get a text message, whether iMessage or SMS. Why Apple has this as the default, I’m not sure, but it kept freaking me out before I figured out how to turn it off.

However, I’m willing to see that you might want the double alert, or more (shudder), and there’s a simple way to make that happen, as well.

Here’s how.

Send iMessages As Regular Text Messages [iOS Tips]



Wow, I could have used this tip last week when I was getting constant iMessage errors, having to tap the “please try again” icon again and again to send some messages along to my friends. There have been a few iMessage service outages lately, and when that happens, there’s the potential for some upset.

Luckily, there is a way to easily turn that frown upside down as well as turning that iMessage into a regular SMS text message. Here’s how to do just that.