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Apple’s official version of TestFlight lands on the App Store


Beta testing apps is about to get ridiculously easy for developers and users alike now that Apple’s new version of TestFlight has landed on the App Store.

Testflight has been used by developers for years, but the app has never been available on the App Store until today because it violated app review guidelines. Adding it as an official app should increase the popularity of beta testing among iOS users by letting you sign up with just your email address, rather than forcing devs to manage UDIDs for you.

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New iOS 8 App Store guidelines are designed to protect your privacy


New App Store guidelines are in place to protect user data.

Apple is constantly looking to improve the App Store experience, and ahead of the long-awaited release of the iPhone 6 and public version of iOS 8, it is doubling its efforts.

With these two landmark events coming up rapidly, the company has updated its App Store review guidelines to add all-new sections dealing with features such as HealthKit, HomeKit and TestFlight, extensions and more.

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Apple Buys Company Behind TestFlight, The Popular iOS App Beta Platform


Apple has purchased Burstly, the company behind iOS app beta platform TestFlight. The specific details of the buyout have not been disclosed, but TechCrunch reports that Burstly’s engineers are working at Apple already.

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Devs Can Graft Real-Time Analytics Onto Their Apps With TestFlight Live

Devs Can Graft Real-Time Analytics Onto Their Apps With TestFlight Live

Running Cult of Mac, one of the most addictive aspects of managing the site on a daily basis is watching our real-time analysis metrics spit out numbers at us. It’s a fun, gamey way to measure how we’re doing over the course of the day — the site owner’s equivalent of watching XP bubble out of his level 13 warrior’s head as he wades into a crowd of orcs in World of Warcraft.

If I were an app developer, it seems like it would be pretty great to have the equivalent of real-time analytics for my app: a way to see at any given moment how many people were playing with my app, and what they were doing with it. And now TestFlibght, the popular beta distro service for iPhone and iPad apps, is here with a new service that does just that.

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