iPhone 7 headphone dongle boasts amazing insides


3.5mm-to-Lightning headphone adapter DAC
The 3.5mm-to-Lightning headphone adapter includes the cutest little digital-to-analog converter we've ever seen.
Photo: Tinhte

Anyone who thinks Apple is no longer innovating should check out a new video revealing the amazing amount of technology — including a tiny digital-to-analog converter, or DAC — that the company managed to squeeze into its deceptively simple 3.5mm-to-Lightning headphone adapter.

Produced by Vietnamese website Tinhte, the video may not exhibit the finesse of an iFixit teardown, but it’s certainly an impressive demo of how much Apple is able to do with even the most basic-looking of dongles.

Apple Watch Series 2 looks surprisingly repairable


apple watch 2
Same on the outside. Different inside.
Photo: iFixit

The new Apple Watch Series 2 is more repairable than Apple’s original wearable, according to the first teardown to pry open the new device.

Apple Watch Series 2 looks exactly the same as its predecessor on the outside. On the inside it’s an entirely different story, as Apple’s engineers have refined the internals and made it a bit easier to work with.

iPhone 7 Plus teardown confirms bigger 2,900 mAh battery


Oh, iPhone 7 Plus -- you weren't long for this world.
Photo: iFixit

While most Apple fans around the world are just hoping to get their hands on a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, our friends over at iFixit have already taken one apart.

In their teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus, the repair experts confirm some important details about Apple’s plus-sized next-gen handset — such as its 2,900 mAh battery, which is slightly more than 5 percent larger than the 2,750 mAh battery used in last year’s iPhone 6s Plus.

The new Retina MacBook could be Apple’s least-repairable notebook yet


The new MacBook in pieces. Photo: iFixit
The new MacBook in pieces. Photo: iFixit

Apple’s new MacBook may be one “for the future” but it’s already had a teardown from our friends over at iFixit, filling you in on all the ways the next-gen notebook differs from its predecessor.

That includes Apple’s butterfly mechanism keys, its Force Touch trackpad, form-fitting layered battery, and, of course, the thinnest, most energy-efficient Retina display ever seen on a Mac.

It’s not just ports the new notebook is missing, however. It’s also one of Apple’s least-repairable notebooks to date!